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Rotary Letter
Full moon common.
big carp log book. Loads of people
have asked me to do a little log book
where you can record all the rigs, all
the sessions, all the baits, all the little
details of when you caught and when
you didn’t catch, including things like
wind direction, charts, and the moon
phase calendar for the year. So I’ve
just done a little one. Undoubtedly
some of these full moon times are
times of prolific captures on some
waters, but on other waters they are
kiss of death, so is there any rhyme or
reason to it?
Let’s look at what happens… We’ve
got a very bright moon that makes it
almost as bright outside at night as an
early morning session, so are you visible to the carp. Have you got to make
yourself a bit more inconspicuous?
Can the carp actually see more?
There’s no doubt that the moon
affects water such as in the tides for
instance; it’s all connected. There’s
the pull of the moon on water, but do
fish feel this? We can’t just be ignorant about this and say it must be a
load of old rubbish, as we don’t know.
We’re not fish and we don’t live in a
water environment but if we did,
surely things that affected the water
around us would affect us, so I can
only look at some of my captures and
captures that I’ve seen over the years.
Harefield was a shining example. In
September, getting on for the harvest
moon or whatever they call it at that
time of year, I remember being out
there playing fish with the huge moon
above. Tim Wagner wrote at some
length in Big Carp a while ago as well
about his findings with moon phases.
Prolific catcher Tim has fished waters
like Horseshoe and Wellington where
it’s very easy to get your conclusions
based upon captures. These are the
sorts of waters you need to fish;
waters where you catch loads of fish,
so you can see quite easily whether it
makes a difference or not.
If you’re fishing a water like the Car
Park Lake where you’re on for two or
three bites a year, it’s impossible to
draw any conclusions about whether
the moon’s making a difference or
not. You might be lucky and catch one
on a new moon, or you might not. I
remember Jock White, when he was
fishing the North Lake, catching the
Snake, the second biggest one in
there, three times in successive years
on the same night of the season in the


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