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Rotary Letter
Courtesy Shaun Harrison
same swim, the Corral. It was in
October and it was when there was a
full moon, and so it even goes to prove
that there is something to draw conclusions from on low stock waters.
But going back to Tim – after two or
three seasons fishing Horseshoe and
then two or three seasons fishing
Wellington (both quite prolific big fish
waters, and I take my hat off to the
guys that fish these waters; it’s hard
work catching a lot of fish), he drew a
lot of conclusions. He wrote a couple
of articles in Big Carp, which pretty
much proved his point really that
moon phases do make a difference.
But the bottom line is that you’ve got
to get out there and do it, get a log
book, record the moon-phases, and
Courtesy Shaun Harrison
look back at it year after year, and
then you’ll know.
Question five is from Rickmansworth, again down in the Harefield area. It’s about sponsored
anglers – should we listen to their
advice or are they simply promoting
their own bait and gear?
Well you’ve answered the questions yourself with what you’ve written. Of course they’ve got to promote
their own bait and gear; they’re being
paid to do it. I hate to use Terry as an
example for everything, but take Terry
for instance. If there’s a certain type of
line or lead or bead that he wants to
use and it’s not made by ESP, or now
ACE, he will use it, and there are lots
of anglers like that, sponsored
anglers, who will use a preferred
make if necessary. It would be very
difficult to be an ESP or Gardner or
Korda sponsored angler and have a
tackle box that had only that make of
product in there. I would think virtually any sponsored angler must have
somebody else’s something in their
tackle box. So in answer to your question, yeah of course you’ve got to listen to what they say. These anglers
are not sponsored for no reason;
they’re sponsored because they are
the top anglers on their chosen venues. They are the guys that are catching more fish than anybody else, and
the guys the other anglers are looking
to for advice or to copy what they’re
doing as they want to be as successful as them. So really I’m saying to
you, yes, you should listen to their
advice, but bear in mind that of course
they’ve got to extol the virtues of their
own brands, and not to accept everything they say with regards to tackle
as gospel.
There’s lots of good stuff out there,
and loads of good companies make it.
Many good companies are making
very similar items, but really at the
end of the day, it’s what suits you
best, and the only way to decide that
is to ring the changes and maybe listen to a Korda guy, then maybe listen
to an ESP guy and an ACE guy, and if
they’re telling you to use a certain
type of hook, have a go with all three
types and see which type you get on
with the best. As for bait; you don’t
have to stick religiously to the same
bait all year – give a few different
ones a try. Go somewhere where you
can get a bite fairly easily, and match
one up against another. Fish three
rods with three different baits on,
move them around, fish different
spots with different baits, and that
way you can draw some conclusions
yourself about what best suits you
and your style of fishing.
This is going to be a great one for
the other guys answering, because
just about all of them, if not all of
them, are in fact sponsored anglers.
I’m the only one that isn’t, as with the
magazine I have to remain fairly
impartial about what I say, but if you
want to open my tackle box and have
a look inside you’ll see what I like and
what I don’t. The other guys are getting paid to use certain tackle, so
again, I’ll be interested to hear what
they’ve got to say.


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