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Rotary Letter
On a final and very disturbing note,
I’ve posed the question of safe rigs
and fish damage. This has come
about from some images on Facebook
that I’ve been sent of some particularly badly damaged carp, and over
the years I’ve seen this happen
myself. There were a number of things
that caused it years ago, but I think
we sorted most of those out –
unhooking mats was one of the problems. At Harefield some years ago, I
was witness to a couple of fish losing
sections off the end of their tails on a
particularly hard unhooking mat that
had some angular corners on the
edges. Some guy (I can’t remember
his name) on the Road Bank had
some fish sacked up. They were beating their tails on the mat and they lost
pieces off the end of their tails. Now
there were rumours years ago of German anglers or someone or other cutting pieces off fish’s tails so that they
could recognise them. I never ever
believed this, and I think this was
down to damage caused on the mat,
or not using mats, as it was a long
while ago. But that seems to have
sorted itself out, and now it’s mainly
rigs that cause damage to fish’s
mouths. Occasionally there’s a fin lost
if the line or leadcore wraps around
one of the fins. I remember years ago
Lewis Reed slept through a run down
on the Pad Lake. He lost the fish obviously, but the leadcore got tied
around one of the fins, and when it
was caught next the fin had just gone,
like it had been cut off with a pair of
scissors. It had healed over, but that
certainly put me off of using leadcore
on there any more.
You’ve got to be very careful when
using certain leaders. Not that I’m
against leadcore; I think in safe hands
it’s a brilliant bit of your armoury, but
just be careful when you’re using it.
Make sure you’ve got a heavy mainline, as you don’t want to be snapping
off and leaving fish swimming round
with leadcore and a lead hanging
from their mouths. Make sure the lead
will come off and that it will slide over
everything. It’s pretty much commonsense, and I’m going to leave this
question to the other guys really and
just see what they do. All I make sure
of when I’m fishing it is that in any
circumstance, if I were to lose a fish
and leave tackle in it, everything will
come away and the fish will only be
left with a hook in its mouth and a little bit of hooklink, although even this
can cause mouth damage. But you
know, you are going to lose the occasional fish, so you’ve just got to make
it as safe a possible out there so that
everything can be shed safely should
there be a break-off.
Ok, well that’s it for this month from
me. Hopefully some of the other contributors will have their own questions for us to have a look at, but of
course the door is always open for
you to pose questions to us at Just
fire them through to me and hopefully
we’ll get all of them in the Rotary Letter at some point. I hope you’re enjoying it – I am. n
Hartley Wintney Angling Society has generously
given us a couple of full memberships to give away in
a competition this month in Big Carp and Free Line
Simply answer the easy question below and email your answer to:
Who is the famous angler in the centre on
last month’s Free Line Magazine cover?
a) Jim Shelley b) Terry Hearn
c) Dave Lane
Make sure to add your address, as the
memberships will be sent directly from the club.
Closing date 1st June 2019.
Good luck, everyone!


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