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Big Carp Waters
as you can imagine, isn’t everyone’s
cup of tea, and I haven’t ever mentioned the weed yet, which in my first
year completely covered the whole
lake, making it impossible to fish.
However what swims beneath this
noisy environment are some truly
special fish. If it’s big brutish mirrors
or stunning scaly old Leneys that float
your boat, Pinge contains both, but
with all the problems that face you
they’re certainly hard earned prizes.
Before we look in detail at the special carp that swim so close to the
busy M4, I’ll give you a guided tour of
the lake and some of the features it
contains. There are two gates to the
lake but if we come into the main car
park we park up next to a big container in a fenced off piece of ground
that the Avago people use to store
Pretty Linear 31lb 4oz.
their equipment. The Avago ‘crowd’ is
an activity centre for shall we say
‘troubled kids’ that have been in trouble with the law or from difficult family backgrounds, and throughout the
summer they have activity days, be it
canoeing on the lake, football, archery
and all sorts of other games on the
grass behind the Lawn swim. This
can cause a bit of hassle if you are
fishing the Lawn swim, as it does get
closed for those days, but it’s part of
the setup at Pinge, and as an angler
you just have to grin and bear it if
they start paddling and swimming on
top of your spots.
Anyway, back to the tour, and as
you drop down the slope from the car
park to the lake there are three swims
all quite close together. These are the
Container swims, simply known as
Left, Middle and Righthand container
swims. These swims are in the narrow channel part of the lake and are
littered with features; the lakebed in
this area having by far the most
humps and bumps ranging from 3ft to
12ft over the three swims, the left
hand being the most popular. This is
the swim Terry Hearn used his rig in a
plastic bottle trick, floating the bottle
down and lowering his rig off one of
the pontoons off the Avago compound.
This swim also accounted for the
big girl, the Brute when Kev Wilson
caught it at 49lb 10oz, the only time I
saw her on the bank in my time on the
lake except when she went into my
net in 2010. The middle swim isn’t
fished much and usually only for
socials or when the lake’s rammed,
but the middle container did account
for Gaz Fareham’s capture of the
Brute a few years back. If we carry on
anticlockwise round the lake, we have
a few close range swims with snaggy
bushes in the water, and my good


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