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Bi Carp Waters
friend and stalking expert Si Croft has
caught one or two fish in this area.
As we come to the gravel track that
you can drive round to the motorway
car park, you have a sloping grassy
swim. This is Croptail corner, an area
popular with the Croptail Linear and
also Nathan’s Common. The snag
however is not how it used to be, and
hasn’t been quite as popular. With
this end being quite narrow, all these
swims look onto each other so a bit of
consideration needs to be in order. To
be honest any more than two anglers
up this end and the pressure has the
fish scooting for cover! Anyway, you
have the Gravelly, for obvious reasons, Roswells and Weedy Bay.
We then walk through the motorway car park and make our way up
the rabbit infested motorway bank
and the first swim is First Point. It’s
quite a productive area with a few
nice spots in amongst the weedbeds,
but with this end having little form of
producing the big girl I only ever
fished the swim once. With the bank
going back from the point, a weedy
reed lined bay is formed. We then
come round to the Plateau swim.
Looking across to the right hand container you can quite often make out
the plateau halfway across, and with
only 3ft or 4ft of water on top is a bit
of a magnet in hot weather, but with
most of the surrounding area being
around 8ft in depth you can see what
a major feature it is. Often covered in
silkweed, it traps a lot of natural food,
and in the right conditions is a fairly
consistent but not spectacular swim.
At this point the lake starts to
widen out and along this bank the
water is quite deep and usually has
the least amount of weed in it. I never
fished this area as the amount of
bream that would top along there
meant we’d call it bream alley. Anyway the Swan Shit and Tel’s Hump do
sometimes produce, but it was the
last swim before the bay that was one
of my favourites – Motorway Point.
(top) The Plateau.
(Below) Baby Linear.


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