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Big Carp Waters
The point gave the best access to
the middle of the lake, and with
sandy, gravelly spots as well as nice
silty runs gave me some of the best
fish from Pinge and was my most
consistent swim. The close proximity
of the motorway and the lack of shade
in the summer put a lot of people off,
but its unpopularity was a big plus in
my book and was the scene of many
productive mornings, the first few
hours of daylight being by far the best
for this swim, although I did have the
odd bite at night from here. A big fish
swim for sure.
On the side of the point is the Tyre
swim and this looks into the bay. With
the motorway bank of the bay being
out of bounds, both the Tyre and the
Pallets opposite control the bay. The
first couple of years I fished Pinge, if
someone was in one of the bay swims
it was an unwritten rule that you
wouldn’t go in the other side, but with
the lake under intense pressure in the
last couple of years this seems to
have gone out the window.
As I said, the end bank is out of
bounds to fish so has no swims on it,
but from both the Tyre, and more easily from the Pallets, a cast can put you
on the tree lined margin and you can
walk round to bait up.
The Pallets is named due to the pallets that form a path to the swim, as
when the water level is normal it’s a
bit swampy in this area, and if the
water level is high the whole swim
can be flooded. This was the last
swim I ever fished, as it was here that
a cast onto the silt strip with a bottom
bait tipped with corn on a reverse
combi rig caught me the Brute, and
with the five main A-Team fish in my
photo album I pulled off the lake, satisfied the job was well and truly done.
As we head down the cottage bank
you have on average 10-12ft of water
and lots of silty areas with the odd
gravel strip. Mad Dogs, Pier, Paki,
Wide, Willow and Tom’s complete the
names of the swim on this bank, and
if we walk through the cottage car
park we head up the grassy road
bank, we have what is usually the
weediest corner of the lake. The corner swim is the Ladders, and as we
head back to the main gate, we go
past the Dipstick, Nettles, Canopy,
(Top) The Tyre swim.
(Left) Boilies were my main line of
(Below) The Silt Pit


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