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Big Carp Waters
Noddy, and then probably the two
most popular swims on the lake, the
Slipway and Lawn. Both swims are
known for many Brute captures, but
although the Lawn was kind to me, I
never had a single bite from the Slipway despite doing a fair amount of
time in the swim. Probably its popularity is down to past reputation more
so than current form.
That’s all the swims outlined, so
now let’s take a look at the stock.
Unfortunately the real king of the lake,
the Jockey, a fish that surpassed 50lb
a few years back died shortly after
Terry Hearn caught it. Perhaps the old
Jockey felt it would bow out at the
top! As with many lakes, the demise
of one big fish means another one
pushes through, and this is exactly
what happened on Pinge, as the Brute
which was low forty suddenly got
b i g g e r, a n d w a s s o o n h i t t i n g
mid/upper forty before reaching a
high of 51lbs back in October 2009.
The Brute is an unmistakeable carp,
and with its funny shaped bumpy
head and under-slung mouth, big,
slate grey back and a huge scale on
its flank it might not be the prettiest
carp around but it’s a proper beast.
With the Brute becoming number
one, Big Pecs also pushed on into low
forties, and as far as I know with Pecs
(Top) The Gravelly.
(Below) Broken Rib, 37lb 3oz.


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