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Big Carp Waters
once hooked, whereas most of the
mirrors are very good scrappers and
usually you soon know if you have got
a mirror on, as most of the commons
don’t seem to fight much either.
A couple of other mirrors around
the mid 30 mark are opposite ends of
the scale in the beauty stakes. Cluster
is a really handsome scaly beast,
which I caught last summer when I
changed to bottom baits in a bid to
catch some of the more ‘bait’ fish I’d
failed to land, and it the needle round
to 34lb 9oz. Probably the ugliest fish
amongst a lot of beauties is Popeye.
With its blind eye, swim bladder lump
and gutty belly, she’s no beauty, but a
real character, and if you look at her
good side it’s not one you would want
to shake off at around 36lb. With a
couple of 30lb commons, you also
have Whitetips and Pretty Linear at
low thirties and Thick Wrist at low to
mid thirty. The Pretty Linear is one of
the best looking carp I’ve ever
caught, and also my biggest zig
(Top) It can get a bit weedy – the Paki
(Below) Lee with the Random Linear.
caught carp to date.
With about 18 mirrors in total in
Pinge you also have a few twenties
between 25 and 29, namely The Toad,
Baby Linear, Big Scale, Baby Plated,
The Leney, Two Scales and the Random Linear that I believe may have
topped thirty, and there’s also one lit-
tle double figure mirror that comes
out now and again. As well as the
stock of mirrors, there are also quite a
few commons ranging from low double ‘cricket bats’ to over 30, but it’s
the mirrors that makes fishing such a
hard and demanding venue worthwhile should you be lucky/good


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