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The Bait Debate
et me start by clearly
stating I don’t have a
great knowledge about
the science of bait formulations, additives,
enzymes and how you
even put that lot together to make a
winning combination that’s irresistible to any carp in any lake. Even
though I consider myself somewhat
old school, having been solely carp
fishing for over 25 years, I have never
had any interest in what makes a
good bait, and in the early days I
would rather have had multiple trips
to the dentist than have to mix up and
roll my own. That said I consider having the best bait you can to be one of
the most important factors in consistently catching carp. Coupled with
getting location right, present good
bait to the fish and you will catch,
making having the latest high tech rig
slightly less essential.
I can recall many occasions when I
have fluked a fish out on days when
(Top) Bait establishment and
application is the key to continued
(Below) Wellington upper 30 after the
big bait-up.
the lake I was fishing appeared totally
lifeless, simply by having a good bait.
What is a good bait? Well to me it’s
one that my chosen bait supplier tells
me is good! In my case it’s Mike Willmott, who has far more knowledge
and experience than me in this field,
so when I asked him several years
ago to make me something that will
work, I wasn’t surprised when the
bait that arrived caught from the off.
To be honest I haven’t changed bait
for almost five years now, and yet I
still don’t know exactly what’s in it –
to me it simply doesn’t matter. The
only time I can foresee this being a
problem is if the bait ever came
through looking different, but with
Mike’s this has, and never will, occur.
Leading on to changing baits
comes an issue that I do consider
important, and that is consistency
and bait establishment. To give you
an example, I have a friend who uses
a high profile bait company’s baits
with great results. He is a very good
angler and has never had a bait from
this company that hasn’t really
worked. However the problem lies in
that he never establishes one bait on
a water, as each time he phones up
for more, he’s sold into the latest new
product that supersedes his last one.
He told me the other week he looked
in his freezer to find at least seven different types of bait, and had no idea
which to use! Don’t get me wrong,
they have all worked, but I feel that
the more of one bait that goes into a
water long term, the more of an
advantage it is. Even on blank sessions, your bait can be working for
you when you leave, and these blanks
aren’t a total disaster if they are con-


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