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The Bait Debate
campaign ever, and after finding a
spot that I felt the fish should feed on,
I spent several weeks baiting it with
boilies alone. I had to be a bit covert
about this, as I didn’t want anyone to
see this going on, so I would often
arrive just on dark or dawn, cast out a
clipped up marker, bait up and be
gone without hanging around. I had
to hope the fish were eating it, as I
didn’t dare sit and watch for long
enough to see any activity on the
spot. I just put my faith in putting in a
good bait and letting it work while I
wasn’t there. The more they eat without a hook in the higher their confidence? You bet, as I had three of the
tricky ones within 20 hours on my first
trip, including one magnificent
leather that was a really rare bankside
visitor, nailed on a simple basic rig
and a bottom bait. This wasn’t great
skill and watercraft; this was simply
an example of bait establishment.
I can see a place for different baits,
and I have indeed varied mine on
occasions. High viz singles have
(Top) Dinton 30 on a white pop-up.
(Right) My son getting on Dad’s bait
caught me fish, as have a different
colour fished slightly off a baited
patch, but my confidence lies in the
method of using my bait long term
and as a hookbait too. Take Dinton for
example, on there a white pop-up of a
different flavour fished beside stan-
dard baits has proved devastating. I
have seen this first hand, and it would
be easy to jump on this approach.
However I want to be getting my bait
in there when I’m fishing, and I want
to know it works and will therefore
give me longer term results. However


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