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The Bait Debate
This is the result of correct baiting.
(Below) Recent 30 after baiting up the
day before.
I can see why this other method
delivers, and if it does work you
would be stupid to always discount it.
A key area of baiting is being different to everyone else. That is why this
white pop-up has worked so well, as
it is different indeed. Taking your
average angler, he turns up and
chooses a swim, puts out a marker on
his favoured spot and then fires
between 20 and 50 baits around it,
generally as close as he can to the
float, and always about the same
number of baits. He then casts onto
the spot and into the middle of his
free baits. I’ve done the above loads
of times, and I’ve seen many, many
others do exactly the same.
However being different can and
often does bring different results.
Sizes and shapes of free baits can be
a significant edge in the fact that they
are clearly different. I have often
fished over a mixture of 12, 16 and
20mm free baits just to get away from
what everyone else does. I have read
that these different sizes mean the
carp sucks at them with different
power and therefore can’t tell which
has a hook attached as easily, but I
like the underused and different from
the crowd idea more. One of my
waters has a boat, which is allowed
for baiting up, and indeed without the
requirement to spod it’s a doddle to
tip a great big bucket of particle onto
a clear spot. Unless you set aside a
day you could never put this quantity
in or be so accurate with a spod, but
after years of this method doesn’t it
sound familiar to the Crayfish Pool I
mentioned earlier – tight piles of bait
all over the place?
As a variant, and without the need
for aerodynamics in a throwing stick,
I began to use big spreads of chops
and barrel baits as my freebies, again
just to go against the trend. It was a
first for me too, but seeing this general spread of different sizes and
shapes sitting on the bottom from
above, I could immediately see that it
was going to work. It did too, and it
proved a winner straight away. Going
back to Mr Average fishing tightly in
the middle of his baited spot, how
many have fished a few feet outside
this area and tricked bigger and different fish? I have, and this came from
occasions of actually watching fish
feed, and how they approach these
baited areas. I have seen fish go
straight in, but I have also watched
larger, more cautious fish feed on the


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