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The Bait Debate
bait, B5, comes as standard in a winterised form from November, which
makes it more digestible to the fish in
lower water temperatures and therefore makes them interested in continually feeding. This has a big advantage, in that I can use the same bait 12
months of the year rather than have to
change when the temperatures drop.
The only factor I had to consider was
how much in quantity to put in, bearing in mind at that time of year the
bird life can annihilate it.
As this baiting began to work and
the fish were almost tuned in to it, I
would often bait up one day, and
return the following one with my
rods. Once there I would cast out and
allow the baiting from the previous
day to do its work, giving me a bit
more stealth without the need to
cause any disturbance by firing in
freebies, and often keep any interest
from the bird life away. This proved a
winner, and I had several instant
takes where I had narrowed down the
winter feeding spell and not had to
wait for any baiting to work after an
initial disturbance. I now would not
consider fishing a winter venue
unless able to consistently bait up; it
really is that important if you want
(Top) Lumpy – Elusive Crayfish Pool
fish, first night.
(Below) Results kept on coming.
regular action. That said, if it is somewhere that is fished regularly by others, this can in itself provide the fish
that same stimulation. Fish don’t tend
to move too far in winter, so if you get
this baiting right and are able to generate that feeding interest by the
application of bait there are great
results to be had, at what is the most
demanding time of year.
In summary the angler who uses
the best bait can often catch on that
alone, but couple that with location
and established bait, this can be the
way to really excel. Also add in sensible and different applications of that
bait, then that can really turn results
around. I am certain these results are
not only instant, but also have an
extremely long shelf life, which can
totally dominate waters well into the
future. I have seen this myself first
hand, and they can leave that Mr
Average totally behind! Good luck. n


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