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One Run And Out
he lake in question is
one I first fished in the
summer of 2009. A
mate and I had a tip of
about it and got the
ticket for the year with
the intention of doing a little campaign on there. I had been warned
that it wasn’t the nicest lake in the
world, but the stock of fish made up
for it – really old, dark, scaly warriors,
and a fairly low stock. In a water of
around a couple of acres there are
probably around 20 carp with a few
thirties topped off with a stunning
dark linear that has been known to
get up to the 40lb mark – definitely a
fish that you would love in your photo
The first time that I ventured down
to the water was for a quick night,
arriving a little bit after 6pm having
battled with the motorways after
work. I parked up the car and made
my way under the railway bridge and
across a field whilst exchanging
pleasantries with a local bull that
seemed less than pleased to see me.
The first thing that struck me was the
size of the place; it was one of the
(Top) I hoped that a change to a more
subtle approach might bring results.
(Below) They had nowhere to hide...
(Below right) Passing under the
railway bridge.
smallest waters I had fished, and to be
honest I found it hard to believe it
held such a stock of large carp. At the
same time I began to think that it
would be easy; they didn’t have anywhere to hide. I could already see the
camera flashing away.
To give you a picture of the lake,
one side has the railway running
adjacent to it and this is a very
snaggy bank with most swims needing a hit and hold approach. Although
I didn’t do any real time in these
swims it was an excellent area to
observe the quarry. The opposite bank
is backing onto fields, which from
time to time have cows roaming, so
you did get an early morning wakeup
call on occasions, and rather imaginatively this was known as the Field
Bank. There are few visible features,
the main being a large set of lily pads,
which greet you as you come onto the
lake. This is the deeper end, being
around four or five feet in depth, as
opposed to depths of only a couple of
feet at the far end.
That first session, I ended up fishing the night about half way down the
Field Bank, fishing one rod at the bottom of the marginal slope, and one in
open water at around 40 yards range,
both with a scattering of bait. Really I


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