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One Run And Out
set up for the night ahead.
The other lad was fishing open
water so I fished the Field Bank close
in so as not to disturb his chances.
Being able to wade out to the spots, I
got both rods out with minimal disturbance. Once again I woke up to find
the indicators motionless, and as the
sun got up the fish came up in the
water and with that the chances of a
bite on the deck were all but over. It
was clear where the fish were, and
unfortunately they were in front of the
other angler, so I spent the day climbing a few trees and watching them
troughing on the mixers.
From up the trees it was easy to see
how weedy the lake was. The open
water was covered in a carpet of the
candyfloss type weed that was just
waiting for a bottom bait to engulf.
There were no real clear spots out
there, but there were different shades
of green so you could see which were
the areas with less growth in there
and where the real thick stuff was.
I had a rethink about my tactics
whilst I was away from the lake and
decided to use a margin approach on
one rod incorporating some black
tiger nuts that had just arrived in at
work. These were to be drilled and
balanced out to sink slowly with a
cork plug, fished with a couple of
tigers and a scattering of hemp. The
other open water rod was a simple
chod rig with a scattering of boilies
around it, just to combat the carpet of
weed out there.
The next session almost didn’t happen. I was torn between watching
England/USA in the World Cup and
going fishing. I came up with the
happy compromise of going home
after work, watching the football, and
as soon as that final whistle went I
would be in the car to get the rods out
post haste. By the time the final whis-
(Top left) The club boat – before
it was sunk!
(Top right) Unfortunatly an all
too regular sight on waters like
(This picture) 35lb of history.


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