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An instant 33lb confidence booster on
the Black Magic.
Although I had gone back to basics
with tackle and approach, it was
without a shadow of a doubt switching bait that gave me my biggest confidence boost, and I’m not kidding
when I say I have never been so confident in one single bait before. Now
then, we could go on forever about
bait and bait confidence; it is a very
complex subject with pros and cons
for everything. But for me, and I’m
sure most will agree, for confidence in
a bait and more importantly long term
confidence for both the angler and
the carp it needs to be something that
is appealing to them and makes them
want to keep coming back for more.
The more they want to eat it and the
longer they want to eat it, the more
we catch – simple. Last season I
started catching on 10mm baits and
then struggled with nuisance fish
pulling them off the hair so I switched
to tiger nuts and never looked back.
This year back on the boilies, and I
w a s s t r u g g l i n g f r o m t h e o f f. I
switched to the tigers but still no joy,
so I persevered with boilies, thinking
that eventually they will get used to
them, but nope, nothing. This is where
I seriously started questioning the
bait I was using. After all I had gone
back to basics with rigs and started
afresh, and confidence was growing,
but it still wasn’t happening.
I needed to try something different,
and I had been advised by Luke
Stevenson to try the Tails Up Pro-Fish.
I had been an admirer of Tails Up bait
ever since the results they were
receiving on the old Protavit Liver,
and it seemed that this new Pro-Fish
was even better. I could see Luke’s
confidence in it and I knew it was
catching well on the mere, so I had
nothing to lose. I ordered a batch of
the said Pro-Fish, and was keen to get
to the lake, as by this point I had put
it down to the fact that the carp just
didn’t want my previous bait enough.
It was the last piece of the puzzle for
m e. W e l l t h e f i r s t t w o q u i c k
overnighters passed with two takes
resulting in one fish. That was it; that
was all I needed for the confidence to
start growing again – after nearly 25
nights of absolutely nothing, going to
two takes in as many nights. A switch
of venue just to check, and the same
happened, although this time it was
three takes in two nights leading to
fish of 32lb, 29lb and 28lb – I was
buzzing, and back on a roll.
All you need to ask of your bait is,
“Are the carp willing to eat it readily
and come back for more?” and, “Have
you put the right amount in?”
Remember you can always add more,
not take it out. Confidence in bait is a
very personal thing, and sometimes
you just know you’re onto a winner;
it’s personal preference in the end. All
I will say is that if you are questioning
it, then it isn’t right.
I like to use a bait that is designed
for year-round use, one that the carp
can easily digest in the winter as well
as in the summer, that way I gain confidence that they are used to it. Tails
U p ’s n e w b a i t B l a c k M a g i c i s
designed to do exactly that. Not only
is it an instantly attractive bait for the
fish; it is designed to work all year
round. It has the added bonus of
being a very dark bait, which gives
me a huge amount of confidence that
on prebaited spots and for winter use
that there is more chance that it will


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