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still be around for the fish without the
feathered fiends getting at it all first.
My favourite thing about it is the gulls
really struggle to pick it up during
daylight, giving me the confidence
that I can apply it whenever I like
without having to wait until dark. The
base mix has been designed for year
round use including a blend of fishmeals including Lt94, milks, krill meal,
robin red, liver powder and other key
ingredients with an attractor system
that makes your mouth water. The
Magic formula flavouring is topped off
by salmon oil, djs and betaine, creating possibly the best fruit fishmeal
boilie out on the market. It is very different to any other black bait currently on the market.
My first session on this new bait
was tried in a slightly different way
from how I would normally do my
quick overnighters. For the first time
I’ve been able to apply a fair bit of bait
a few days in advance safe in the
knowledge that the ducks wouldn’t
scoff most of it. I applied 5kg in an
area that I knew I had a few options of
swim to be able to fish nearby if not
right on top of it. I went on the Monday night and applied the lot by spod,
but spread it around a bit. I then
returned on the Wednesday and as I
arrived the fish were practically dancing all over it. By morning I’d had mirrors of 33lb and 23lb along with a
common of 21lb and that was my very
first session on the Black Magic. It
was the first time that the new bait
had even been introduced to the
water too.
Steady application of an easily
(Top) Camo confidence.
(Bottom) Tails Up Black Magic =
winter confidence.
digestible food source not easily seen
by birdlife = winter confidence.
Location is almost certainly the single most important factor in our
angling and can make or break confidence. Quite often I won’t even set up
unless I know I’m on the fish, or at the
very least nearby. The more time you
spend at a lake the more your confidence will grow as you get to know
and understand its residents and their
habits. Again it’s a case of, are you
questioning your choice of swim, and
are you questioning whether they will
or won’t turn up? There is nothing
more confidence boosting than seeing fish leaping in your swim, especially when they are in numbers or
particularly active.
Certainly the easiest way to stay in
touch with the fish or keep confidence as high as possible with
regards to location is by travelling
light and being ready to move. If you
arrive at the lake and can’t find them,
then at the very least you can set up
somewhere with a good view of the
lake and move as soon as you see
them. I have been known to move a
few times during the night after hearing them elsewhere. After all if that’s
the only time I’ve got, I’d be daft not
too move; I’d rather spend ten hours
on the fish than listening to them
somewhere else.
Are the fish already there or are
they likely to turn up? It is the only
way you are truly going to be confident regarding location. Still not
sure? Then be ready to move as soon
as you are sure.
Overall confidence is a very personal thing – just because someone
else is highly confident in something
may not necessarily mean that it will
work for you. You have to be certain
for yourself and the more confident
you are the better. I’m not saying
don’t try new things, but be sure it’s
what you want. If you are 100% confident in just a few areas then it helps
for overall confidence, if you are questioning something then you need to
be willing to give it a try until you
either are or aren’t confident in it.
Keep anything you are questioning to
a minimum and it keeps confidence
high. Remember confidence breeds
success and success breeds confidence. But then there are times you
will need to take a leap of faith. Good
luck with them! n


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