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One Last Season On The Church Lake
(Above) Stalked out from amongst a
heap of thirties – pic from previous
(Below) View from Shoulders.
swim with a high spot, but never
mind; I made my choice and it would
only have taken one fish from the Car
Park for it to have been an utterly brilliant plan, such is fishing!
I returned to work and due to rotating shifts it was to be two weeks
before I was back at Horton, arriving
on the Friday for three nights. This
time after a mooch around I settled in
the Shoulders swim and placed a single homemade nut mix pop-up on a
nice hard spot this side of the submerged snag in line with the Church
spire maybe 25yds out.
Due to the fact I was fishing this
side of what is by the feel of it a substantial snag, I was fishing locked up,
and as usual using a cut down lead
clip, hoping that if I were to hook one
it would drop the lead, come up and
kite away from the snag on the tight
line. My right hand rod was two-rod
tricked up the right underneath an
overhanging willow (where I had
caught the Woodcarving from the previous season) and baited with corn.
All sorted, and after a week of early
shifts, I was ready for my bag.
Just a few hours later I was woken
up to my hanger jammed in the left
hand Neville. The plan had worked,
and after a nice controlled scrap up
popped what was clearly Dumpy. Into
the net it went and another repeat.
When I had caught it two seasons
before at 35lb it had looked and felt
solid, but its scales were sunk into its
body causing dips, which I hadn’t
seen on a carp before. This time
though its scales had popped out and
were flush with its skin. I think its top
weight was around 36lb but now it
looked substantially bigger, so she
went onto the scales and went 38lb
8oz. Leon Bartropp had taken some
lovely shots of it for me first time
round, and as she was obviously holding spawn she went back without a
photo, as she clearly didn’t need the


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