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One Last Season On The Church Lake
hassle. A proper character this one
and one of the ones I had dearly
wanted to catch. I have a bit of a soft
spot for the odd looking ones, but
once is enough.
I reeled my other rod in and made
my way down to the lodge with a few
cans to see who was about. After a
while I was back in my swim and the
rods were out again before dark. I had
no occurrences that night or Saturday
night, but still fancied the swim. For
the Sunday night, I had changed my
right hand rod to one of my nut mix
pop-ups and moved it from the margin out into open water. Nothing happened that night either though, and I
was up early on the Monday. I had to
pack up for a two-hour drive (if I was
lucky) to get home and then be ready
for a late shift. There were several
shows out in front, to the left and a
fair bit of fizzing. It was looking better
than it had all weekend and I had to
pack up – typical, but it was definitely
a chance.
I opted to move my right hand rod
to a show so when the next one leapt
out I slung a single pop-up at it, out
slightly to the left. It went down fairly
softly, which was pretty much standard for that area. After a few cuppas
it was getting horribly close to home
time, and I was getting worried that it
wasn’t going to happen. I started
packing up, and whilst doing so, I
noticed a line of little bubbles heading
towards my recast bait. Thinking,
‘there’s nothing more I can do now,’ I
lifted my brolly to collapse it when I
had a couple of beeps on the recast
rod. I looked at it in time to see the
hanger shoot up, and I ditched the
brolly and grabbed the rod, which
instantly hooped over.
The carp (for sure) was staying
deep and kiting right, on a direct line
for the snag. Fortunately by the time it
was at the snag it was near the surface ripping line off me and bow waving out towards the middle of the
lake. Finally it agreed to come back,
(Both pictures) Previous capture of


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