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One Last Season On The Church Lake
(Both pictures) Uno, a forty before
and kiting slightly to the right but
staying on or near the surface, it very
slowly came waddling towards the
net and went in. Looking in the net I
found it was not a repeat. Oh yes,
happy days – work won’t be a problem today. Lifting it out it felt a lot
heavier than I had expected, and I
was very pleasantly surprised to see
the needle spin round to 43lb. Looking
at it again it was obviously Uno! Back
into the net and back into the water
to await a photographer. Ollie came
round from the Dip, for which I am
hugely grateful, as I’m sure he wasn’t
very keen on reeling in at the time.
Then it was a case of packing up and
hitting the road wearing a very big,
very cheesy smile.
The winter and working at the factory had convinced me that I was
long overdue some proper full-timing
and I chose to start in early July, hoping this would let it quieten down a
bit and give me enough time to get
myself organised and save enough
funds to last till November (ish). I
intended to fish a week on Horton,
which is the maximum stay allowed,
then go to the Car park for my 48-hour
limit after which I would be able to
return to Horton, which worked out
nice and neatly. I finished work on the
2nd July at 2pm, was at Horton by
just gone 4pm and didn’t return home
for 60 nights. When I did it, it was just
over a week before I found myself
unlocking the Horton gates again. I
loved it, and though can’t honestly
s a y t h a t I d i d n ’t h a v e t i m e s o f
extreme boredom, I am sure I would
have experienced much more of it
had I been at home and at work for 60
nights. If winters such as the last few
are going to become the norm then I
am determined to try and make the
most of the rest of the year. Work is for
the winter!
Over the last few years I have


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