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My 2011 Season
By Malcolm Grice
t was mid-February when I
decided to dust the rods off
for the start of my 2011 season. I was fishing a lake that I
called the Secret Lake in the
Nene valley. Luckily there
were only a few people that could fish
it. I had nowhere to fish really for the
coming season due to the sudden fish
death at the Woolpack in 2010 (a 50lb
common called Paddle and two more
40lb-plus fish). I thought I could concentrate on the Secret Lake until I
was sorted with a new syndicate.
The Secret Lake is around 10/12
acres in size and at a guess there are
around 25/30 fish. I have caught 14
carp over the last couple of summers
and there have been four repeat captures. Out of those fish caught ten
have been over 30lb, and I believe
there could be an uncaught lump just
waiting to be caught. The next few
weeks were spent blanking and fish
spotting, however one funny event
happened while I was there with a
friend of mine.
I arrived at the lake around 3pm to
see that a mate of mine, Richard ’Fat
Bloke‘ Adams, was already there. I
noticed that he parked his car in the
middle of a field. This seemed strange
because we normally had to park the
cars next to the entrance due the soft
ground. I soon saw why he had done
this; he felt the ground was firm
enough to park closer to the lake (it’s
a very long walk from the main gate
to the lake), however his car was
stuck in the mud and he had tried for
several hours to get his car free! He
had to call a mate the following morning to pull him out with his four-wheel
drive. It was very funny. Over the next
few sessions I managed a 17lb mirror
so at least I was off the mark for the
new season – that first fish is always
important no matter how big!
In April disaster struck. One Tuesday evening I got a text from the person running the lake, which read,
“Guys, sorry to be the bearer of bad
news but I’ve just had an email from
the estate. They have had an offer for
the lake and all fishing must stop with
immediate effect. Sorry chaps.” I
couldn’t believe it; I had nowhere for
the coming season.
Well, after making a few phone calls
I managed to get into another Nene
Valley syndicate but that didn’t start
until 1st June. I then had a few blank
nights fishing over at Stanwick on
The Secret Lake, 32lb 8oz.


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