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My 2011 Season
Elson’s Lake, which really didn’t take
off. During an evening conversation
on the phone with fellow Mistral Baits
and Wychwood team member Duncan Arrandale, he mentioned that the
Z Fish from Bluebell’s Swan Lake,
which goes over 50lb, had been
caught around the first week in May
2010 and 2009. This played on my
mind. That was it! I was going to fish
the Bluebell complex until the 1st
June. My first session was at the end
of April/beginning May; in fact it was
the Bank Holiday weekend. Good
planning, Malc! My first thought was
to fish Kingfisher Lake on the Saturday and Sunday nights. However the
thought of catching another 50lb’er
certainly caught my interest, so I
decided that the Z was already in the
bag! I could already see the headlines: “The Z Fish comes out the first
week in May three years on the trot…
When I arrived on Saturday I had a
look around Swan Lake, but there
were 12 anglers on. After chatting to a
few of them I found out it wasn’t fishing that well, and over the Easter
period most swims had been taken
a nd o nl y the o dd fi s h ha d be e n
caught. What had been caught was
on the back of the wind and most of
those swims had been taken anyway.
I decided to have a look around Kingfisher Lake, which is nine acres in
size, smaller than Swan Lake. There
were only seven anglers on at this
time and I was given some good information on better swims on my walk
around. On this info I set up in one of
the point swims. I chatted to a lad in
the next swim to see where he was
fishing so as not to disturb his area.
He said had 17ft of water out in front
of him, and this shocked me a little, as
I haven’t fished in that depth before.
After a little plumbing around I
managed to find an area at 64 yards,
which was at 11ft. I decided I was
going to put two choddies towards
this area with a light scattering of
Mistral’s i40 baits. My third rod was
26yds out in the same depth, and
again i40 was the bait. All rods were
cast in at 3pm and I settled down to
listen to the football on the radio.
At around 5pm fish started to bosh
out in one corner of the lake where
the northeasterly was blowing into,
and shortly after someone had a fish
in that area. The fish stopped showing in that area after that fish been
caught and started showing all
around my area. It didn’t take long
and one of my choddies was away at
8.05pm. After a short fight the carp
went in the net first time, and on looking into the landing I could see it was
a 30-plus common. She weighed 35lb
4oz; I was a happy man, and I cast out
to the same spot and topped up the
(Top) The Secret Lake, 33lb 8oz.
(Right) Favourite rigs – choddy and


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