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My 2011 Season
I had set the alarm for 5.30am Sunday morning and put the kettle on.
Then I watched the water and listened to Keith Arthur’s Fisherman’s
Blues. It wasn’t long before the carp
started to show pretty much everyw h e r e. I t w a s l o o k i n g g o o d f o r
another bite, but that didn’t happen
due the clown next door casting into
my swim. Don’t you just love day
ticket waters? I was later advised that
there were 19 anglers on Kingfisher
Lake Sunday night in only nine acres
of water! Over the two days only two
fish came out and I had caught one of
them so I had to be happy with that.
My next session was around two
weeks later on Tuesday 17th and
Wednesday 18th May. I arrived really
early at around 8am. I was hoping to
fish Swan Lake and praying it wasn’t
too busy, but more importantly that
the Z Fish still hadn’t been caught
yet. The wind was blowing a soft
southwesterly and most swims were
taken at the end where the wind was
blowing into. There was only one
(Top) International Rescue required.
(Below) The Secret Lake, 31lb 4oz.
angler fishing down the other end on
the road side of the lake so I went to
have a chat with him. After chatting
with him for a short while I had found
out that he had turned up at first light
and had seen carp showing at this
end, and after being there a further 30
minutes I had seen carp showing
myself. My first swim was too weedy,
but I did fish it from 10am to 3pm with
three choddies, as there were fish in
the area, however nothing happened.
I moved a short distance just around
the corner but it’s in a similar area
and the carp were still there. I cast a
light lead around for a short while to
find some spots to fish.
Swan Lake is 12 acres with around
80 carp. An average week will produce five carp so it’s a difficult day
ticket water. This time I had two
choddies and one snowman rig out
and I was fishing two new baits this
time from Mistral Baits. The first was
the i40 red, which is the normal i40
with robin red added to it, and other


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