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My 2011 Season
(Above) 30lb 8oz, 28th June.
(Below) Mistral’s i40 and i40 Red with
their Ten Pellet.
bait is the SLR with a squid and liver
By 7.30pm the odd fish was still
boshing out although they did look on
the smaller side. They were boshing
out a little further out than I was fishing, however it did look good for a
bite, even though nothing had been
out for five or six days. I was hoping
I’d timed it right! The wind was blowing in a southwesterly direction and I
was fishing with the wind behind me,
so the carp hadn’t followed the wind
on this occasion. I was amazed that
the other anglers hadn’t seen the carp
boshing out down this end!
Nothing happened until 4.30 the
following morning when I was
awoken by the sound of the angler’s
Delkims next door, which turned out
to be a 38lb common. After taking the
photos for him I made my way back to
my swim and recast all three rods. I
don’t normally do this, but because I
had a few bleeps from my alarms ear-
lier it had me thinking that the rigs
weren’t quite right.
At 9.15am I heard a whizzing noise;
I had forgotten to put my alarms back
on and the free spool on my new
Wychwood reels was in meltdown. I
connected to a solid resistance and
the carp took line immediately. It
fought hard, but it was soon in the
landing net and then into the net station while I got the scales and the
camera ready. When I got the carp on
the mat I was soon told by the angler
next door that this fish was one of the
best looking carp in this lake. I took a
look and saw it was a possible 40lb
zip linear. Unfortunately the scales
read 38lb 8oz, however I was still over
the moon with my capture. I normally
fish choddies, however on this occasion I decided to change it a little and
use a rig that not many people would
use for a riggy lake like Swan. The rig
was a 4in link with a size 6 hook and
two 20mm i40 Red. I believe this is
harder to eject once in the carp’s
mouth, and it worked! No more action
happened over the next 24 hours


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