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My 2011 Season
apart from one tench, which was
caught on a choddy. The cloud disappeared, the clear skies moved in,
nothing more boshed out, and the Z
Fish was still uncaught.
My new syndicate is in the heart of
the Nene Valley in Northamptonshire
just south of Wellingborough and is a
20-plus year old maturing 38-acre
complex that comprises four lakes in
idyllic surroundings, providing carp
fishing of the highest order. There are
seven different 40lb-plus specimens
caught to date and well over 50 30lbplus fish, most of these being commons.
I had decided I was going to fish
the Car Park Lake first; its approximate size is six acres with an average
depth of 8-10 ft. It holds around 30
fish with two fish recorded over 40lb.
There are 12 fish in the upper 30s that
remain over 30lb all year. There is a
good head of upper 20s and the complex record fish of 46lb 7oz, a common
called Cut Tail, resides here. There are
six permanent swims and they get
fished a lot but the fish in here can be
very tricky.
I spent the most of June blanking,
(Top) One in the Wychwood Net
(Below) 24lb 4oz fully scaled,
flitting from swim to swim trying to
build as much knowledge as I could
of each swim. My last session of the
month was a two-nighter on Monday
27th June. I had got all three rods out
by 5pm after setting up on the hottest
day of the year and was dripping with
sweat. There were one or two cruising around, which is not as many as I
thought there would be. I had two
rods out on bottom baits to clear
areas and the third was fished on a
chod rig, an awkward cast to my left
as I had to clear five or six yards of
reed line before It even reached the
water. I then had to hold the rod high
so the line didn’t get caught in the
reeds before I put it in the rest. Rain
was forecast for the next day, so it
looked good for a bite. Since the 1st
June there had been nine carp caught
– four 30s and five 20s, which had
come out to the weekend anglers.
This is an interesting statistic, and it
could be because they’d had better
weather or that it fishes better under
pressure, but due to the amount of
anglers on, the carp can’t hide as
much, so I had to have a rethink.
I woke up at first light and there
was not much to report; I had a liner
at 8.15am and that’s all. I hadn’t
recast the bottom bait rods, and just
left them out until something happened or when it was time for me to
go home, which would be the next
morning. However I planned recast
the chod rod at around mid-afternoon, and shortly after a few fish did
show in the general area of that rod,


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