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My 2011 Season
(Above) 45lb common, Cut Tail, 3rd August.
so I went into the evening a little
more confident. At 9.15pm I had a
one-toner on the chod rig, which isn’t
normal when you are fishing slack
lines, and after a short fight the fish
went into the net first time. I was over
the moon as this was my first fish
from the new water; it was a 30lb 8oz
common. This was my only action,
however this took the pressure off me,
as up until then I’d had seven blanks
nights and two day-only sessions.
Roll on the next session.
On Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th
July I volunteered to help out at the
2011 Adult Masterclass at Horseshoe
Lake in Lechlade for the Carp Society.
I had attended last year’s event and
was looking forward to this year’s one
too. I had been allocated peg 13,
which was a swim called Winter’s
Point, which is normally a good swim.
However the lake had not fished that
well over the previous six weeks or
so. I was to tutor a couple of older
gentlemen, Peter and Victor, for the
weekend. I taught Peter and Victor as
much as I could, but come Sunday
afternoon when we had to pack away
they had both blanked. I had a blistering take on the Sunday morning and
caught a 24lb 4oz fully scaled, which
save me from a blank too. Over the
weekend the Horseshoe carp really
didn’t want to play ball and were very
reluctant to put in an appearance. I
would like to say a big thank you to
the Carp Society for a very successful
weekend – everyone was looked after
and the food was fantastic. I hope to
be invited back to the Masterclass
I had a one more night in the Nene
Valley without success. In fact due to
work I couldn’t get out that much. On
Tuesday 2nd August I arrived a little
later than normal at around 5pm and
the temperature was 28 degrees, the
hottest day of the year. I had a quick
walk around and didn’t see much.
Richard the bailiff was fishing where I
had spent most of my sessions, in the
Plantation swim. He had mentioned
that a few carp had been cruising in
the weed in the middle of the lake so
I set up in a swim called the Wires. I
decided to put a zig out to the
weedbed where the carp had been
All rods were going to be fished as
single hookbaits: one choddy was on
a Mistral Baits i40 pop-up and the
other was on a Rosehip Isotonic popup. These two rods were cast out
quite quickly, but while I was setting
up the zig rig there was a downpour
of rain for around half an hour. I was
sweating so much it didn’t matter if I
was in the rain or not; I couldn’t have
got any wetter! I managed to get the
zig rig out at around 6.45pm in
between the showers. I was using a
piece of black foam topped by a piece
of yellow foam. Well, the zig rod was
away within 20 minutes or so, but the
line parted after a short while leaving
me gobsmacked. I’m sure everyone
has had that feeling! After sulking for
a bit I retied a new rig and cast that
out on some heavier line. Bites are
hard to come by on this lake so I
thought that was it for the session, so
I had some late tea, made a few
pho ne c a l l s a nd w e nt to be d a t
around 10pm, as I had been up for
work at 3.30am. The alarm was set for
5.30am the following morning.
At 5.30am I turned the alarm off,
looked out at the lake and saw thick
mist everywhere – I couldn’t see a
thing. So I did what all good carpers
do in that situation, which is go back
to sleep! Well 20 minutes later I had a


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