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My 2011 Season
one-toner on the middle rod on the
choddy with the Mistral Rosehip Isotonic bait, and I was up and playing
the fish in double quick time. The fish
came to the surface straight away
and then started to kite to the left, not
hard, but it just kept on going. I knew
then it was a big fish; it kited all the
way into my left side margin where it
fought a little under the rod top for
several minutes. When its head came
up for the first time it went straight in
the net. I put the landing net into the
new Wychwood net station and
unhooked the fish. I then had a quick
glance at the carp’s tail, and it was
only then that I realised that I had
caught a carp called Cut Tail, the
biggest fish in the lake and complex.
She weighed 45lb. This was my target
fish, and I had caught it quite quickly.
It took eight nights and two morning
sessions, and in that time I caught
two carp and lost one. Another successful campaign achieved.
It’s Friday 12th August I’m fishing
the Plantation swim as the Wires
(Top) Otters in the Nene Valley.
(Below) 44lb 4oz Cut Tail, 12th
August, zig rig.
swim has been taken, I was here on
Tuesday and blanked. I know this
swim quite well so it hasn’t taken me
long to get my three rods out again all
on single hookbaits. Two are on choddies and the other is on a zig rig cast
to the weedy centre of the lake. I’m
here a little earlier than normal; it’s
now 2pm so my house for the night is
the new HD Oval Brolly for Wychwood and what a piece of kit this is!
Once the Oval is up the fish spotting
begins. Towards early evening a few
carp start to show out in front of me
on the plateau. This is where my zig
rig is and I’m full of confidence. I go to
bed at around 10pm listening to the
radio as I fall asleep. I have a couple
bleeps from my zig rig and as I’m getting my waders on the rod is away, so
in double quick time I’m soon bent
into another fish. The fish doesn’t
fight that much, but it does feel quite
heavy and is soon in the net first time.
I look at the time and its 11.50pm. I
turn my head torch on and see it’s
another big common. I take a closer
look at the tail and I can’t believe
what I’m seeing… I have only caught
Cut Tail again! That’s twice now in
ten days. I start laughing loudly; one
of the other members fishing hears all
the commotion and comes to lend a
hand. This time she weighs 44lb 4oz


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