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My 2011 Season
The Fat Lady, 55lb 4oz.
and a PB caught on a zig rig. I’m
buzzing and can’t sleep for the rest of
the night – this was my only fish.
Since catching Cut tail twice in ten
days in August I lost a little enthusiasm. I also didn’t want to catch her
again and stop someone else from
catching her, so I gave myself the red
card! I had heard that Ed Betteridge
was doing very well on the main lake
so after a three-week break I decided
to give it a go over there. This lake is
a lot busier and makes it more difficult
to get on to the fish. Well after nine
blank nights I almost raised the white
flag! However looking back I was on
fish only a couple of times so I wasn’t
too despondent. I also did have a couple of nights back on the Car Park
without any luck. The colder weather
arrived and the fish disappeared.
Overall I was happy with my season
and achieved what I set out to do.
Before I go I would like to share
with you my story of when I caught
probably the biggest carp I will ever
catch and one of the most famous…
I arrived at the St Ives Lagoon on
Monday 28th September 2009 for a
two-night session. I had already done
the previous Monday and Tuesday
night in a swim called Dave’s with
just a bream to my baits. I had to go
home early due to not feeling very
well and ended up with tonsillitis.
This session I hoped would be different and would be the third time of
using the new bait Allan Parbury had
come up with a few months ago. It’s
called the i40 and I fell in love with it
as soon as I smelt and tasted the
sweet caramel natural flavours. Anyway back to the session… I arrived in
the car park to see two friends already
there – Paul was in the Lawns swim
and Alan was still to make his mind
up where he wanted to go, so he and
I took a walk around the lake searching for carp.
St Ives Lagoon is around 35 acres in
size with two Islands in the middle. It
has about 17 regular carp that get
caught with some carp never reaching the bank yet! We have The Lady
weighing anything from 50lb-plus to
low 60lb, the Pig weighting low to
mid-40, and the other 15 range from
mid-30 to the small common at 12lb!
It’s a very hard place to fish with
many blank nights. This session
would be night 20/21 with all the previous ones being biteless for any carp.
After a lap of the lake I decided to
fish a swim known as the Works. The
wind was blowing a northwesterly
and was warm for the time of year, so
it looked good. I had fished the swim
before so I knew where to put my
baits. On this session I had brought a
spod mix with me, a hemp, groats and
maize combination soaked in Talin
sweetener (I wanted to get away from
the chilli spice combination that so
many other people use).
I cast 15 spods out to a clear strip at
about 60 yards towards the big island,
followed by 1kg of the new i40 bait.
Two rods were cast to the area – one
was a single 20mm bottom bait and
the other was on a pop-up. This rod
was cast about four or five yards off
the spodded area. My third rod was
cast to my left on a choddy area on
the chod rig again, and 1kg of the new
i40 bait was sprinkled around the
area. By this time it was about 5pm so
I set up my home for the next two
days followed by the first brew of the
Not much happened until around
2pm the following day when I had an
oil slick come off my spodded area for
20 minutes. I left the rods out for a further two hours but nothing happened.
There were big beds of floating weed,
and at around 4pm I had to recast all


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