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Leave Thorney Country Park alone.
Buckinghamshire County Council... Try seeing nature for the
beautiful thing that it is
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Rob Maylin
Take your six million tons of inert soil and
landfill from HS2 elsewhere. It is not every day
people get a chance to escape to a little patch
of paradise. Just for anyone in any doubt, the
park would be closed for at least six years –
dog walkers and bird spotters, this means
closed to you also. Nothing will grow on the
inert soil mountain, so don’t think you will
instantly get a park. The contractors do not
make good, so it will just be a soulless soil tip.
We would not be able to net the lake, so it is
highly likely all our stock will be killed, but as
nobody will have access to the smell of rotting
fish, it shouldn’t bother too many local
residents or offend the eye… Or it could be left
to be the perfect place it is already…?
Ministers want to axe HS2 rail link and use
£60bn fund for high-speed Internet revolution
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Treasury chief secretary Liz Truss is eyeing £60bn earmarked for the controversial highspeed train link. Liz Truss wants to push the button on a high-speed Internet revolution –
funded from the billions earmarked for HS2. The Sun can reveal the Treasury chief
secretary has launched a review into how to free up money to dramatically bring forward
the roll out of ‘full fibre’ broadband. She wants officials to look at how to fund and
deliver the super speed cable – 40 times quicker than traditional copper wire – to
‘forgotten’ towns and rural areas across the UK. Experts believe it would cost £30 billion
to roll full fibre out across the country. Currently just FOUR percent of homes have the
super speed connections compared to 71 percent in Spain and 89 percent in Portugal,
and under current Government plans, it will take another 14 years before we see
nationwide coverage in 2033.
A source said: “People are realising that money earmarked for other projects could
be spent far better elsewhere. Rolling out full fibre would cost £30 billion – much less
than HS2, and imagine the benefits of connecting the whole of Britain – homes and
businesses – to high speed cable.”
The move comes just days after Ms Truss signalled HS2 could be axed as part of
the Government’s ‘zero-based’ capital review. Speaking to the Spectator, she said the
troubled London to Birmingham rail link’s future would be looked at “very intently” as
part of the work, and she signalled she believed improving transport into big cities such
as Manchester would be better.


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