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I’m Converted
i all, and once again
here we are another
month down the
line. As I write this
it’s the start of April,
a n d I c a n ’t q u i t e
believe how fast the year is going by
all of a sudden. January and February
dragged by due to the lousy weather,
but March has flown by and now all
the fair weather anglers are reappearing, and the banks are once again filling up.
At last I can start this month’s diary
with a capture from a mate, and I’m
pleased to say that it’s Richard
French, who texted me early on the
21st March to let me know he had a
fish known as the Toad from Pingewood and that it weighed 28lb 14oz.
I’m sure I’ll be hearing from him again
soon with other captures from there,
and hopefully one of those will be the
Brute. Next is my old mate Neil
Haynes and he’s managed to get
amongst them over on Dinton Pastures. This 31lb common is just one of
a few Neil has managed to land in the
last few weeks, and as soon as I get
(Top) Southlake’s Cave swim.
(Below) Richard French with
Pingewood’s Toad at 28lb 14oz.
the other pictures I’ll get them in for
you to see. I also have one of Matt
Eaton, but I’ll put that in later as I
have a bit to say about it too.
Righto, back to where I left off last
month. When I left you last month I
briefly mentioned that I had at last
caught my first carp of the year. Well
let me explain it in more detail. Following on from my last session, I had
arrived on the Sunday night after the
usual dropping off of the kids and
heading to the lake, and after a quick
look about I decided to drop into the
Cave swim once again. I got all the
rods out for the night on pop-ups with
the intention of sorting them properly
in the morning, but I was in fact more
than happy with how they had gone,
and thought that I may well leave
them there in the morning unless I
saw anything else to go on. The left


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