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I’m Converted
rod went out with a Tutti on, the middle had a Choc Malt, and the right
hand rod had a pineapple on it. All
three were multi rigs with 2oz leads
With the rods sorted by about 11pm
I set up camp, but this time instead of
the Profile that I’ve always used I was
going to try the new Titan Brolly. I had
got rid of the groundsheet as I never
use one, and I also cut down on the
amount of pegs, but once all that was
done I was pleasantly surprised at
just how small it was when folded
and just how light it was. It set up
really easily too and gave me plenty of
room for all my kit. I’m a big fan of the
Profile, but I think I am going to get on
ok with this new bit of kit. Once all
was done I got a coffee on and then
sat watching the water for an hour
before getting my head down around
12.45. I was woken up just before 3.30
by a series of bleeps on the left hand
rod, but this was just a liner and nothing more happened through the
When I woke just after first light the
next morning I noticed some bubbling up out in the middle area of the
lake where it was slightly deeper. I
watched this for a while, but when it
was still doing it an hour or so later, I
decided to reel the left rod in and cast
towards it. The landing was really soft
and I didn’t feel happy leaving it
there, so I reeled it back in. On getting
the rig back it was clear that the area
was really thick silt and the rig was
masked with crap. I decided that the
only option was to put a chod out on
the spot, as I knew that it would be
presented well no matter what. Now
I’ve never been a big fan of the chod
rig, as I have always felt other rigs can
do the same job, but on this occasion
I knew that I had to bite the bullet and
get one out there. I’m not that stubborn as to ignore when a change is
needed. I tied the rig up and attached
a fresh Tutti Airball before casting out
to where the bubbling was still coming up. The other two rods I left as
they were, as I was happy with them.
Although the fizzing continued for
(Top) Neil Haynes with a Dinton 31lb
(Left) I’ve moved over from the
Profile to the new Titan Brolly.


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