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I’m Converted
most of the day I didn’t see anything
in the way of carp, and to make matters worse the coots were being an
absolute pain in the arse. They had
been diving on me for most of the day
and had picked me up a couple of
times but had been lucky not to get
hooked. This all changed just on dark
when I did hook one in the foot on the
left hand chod rig rod. This meant I
had to tie up a new rig and get it back
out to the spot in double quick time
as the light had all but gone and I
wanted to get it right. The good thing
with the chod is that no matter how it
lands you have a rig perfectly presented, but I still wanted it right. Up
to this point I had never actually
hooked a carp on the rig, and if I’m
honest I had very little faith in them,
but needs must and on the first cast
getting it back out I was more than
happy with the drop, even with just a
1oz lead attached.
Throughout the evening I received
several liners on both the left hand
rod and the middle one, but it wasn’t
until I was just going to bed at a little
before 2am that the left hand rod
pulled up tight, pinged the line from
the clip, and I was into my first carp of
2011. Now I have heard all sorts of
stories about lots of people losing fish
on the chod rig, so I was a little nervous while playing the fish in, and if
I’m honest I played it like a pussy as I
really didn’t want it to come off.
Thankfully for me though I need not
have worried because when I did
eventually net the fish after a good
ten minutes, the first thing I noticed
was just how well nailed the hook
was! There was no way that hook was
coming out in a hurry, and I was more
than a little pleased to have caught
my first chod rig carp.
I weighed the fish, and at 29lb 12oz
I was well happy. I popped it in a sack
and waded out to deep water where it
stayed quite happily until first light
when I managed to get Jim, who lives
behind the lake, to come over to do
me some pictures before he went to
work. Cheers, mate – I appreciated it.
I did keep checking the fish while it
was sacked though, and I never sleep
when I have one in a sack; they
always come first. With the photos
done I stayed on the lake until about
9am before I packed up and headed
off to the Car Park.
On arriving, I walked the lake for a
couple of hours hoping to see something to go on, but nothing gave itself
away and I eventually decided to drop
back in to Trumptons and start off
there. I could always move if I saw
anything elsewhere. With March
(Left) looking out from Trumptons.
(Below) My first carp of 2011 at 29lb


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