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I’m Converted
came the return of the two-rod rule
and also the 48-hour one. I cast my
left hand rod out to the Pylon spot on
a hinged stiff link with a Scopex Squid
corkball and the right rod out to the
long, oak tree spot on a multi-rig with
a Choc Malt corkball. I then scattered
around 30 freebies around each rod.
I didn’t see anything all day carpwise, but just on dark the tench
started rolling and then at a couple of
minutes after eight a carp cleared the
water about 10yds behind my left rod.
As the night passed the temperature
dropped and I didn’t see anything
else despite sitting up till gone 3am. I
was woken up at a 6.15 the following
morning by a slow liner on the left
hand rod and then I watched as
fizzing started appearing just behind
the spot.
The morning was cold due to the
northeasterly winds, but as the day
passed the temperature rose, and by
mid-afternoon it felt considerably
warmer. There was a fair bit of bub-
bling coming up out long from the
Curly area at one point, but I couldn’t
move as Marcus was in there so
decided to stay put and do my second
night where I was. That night saw the
temperature drop again and we had
quite a heavy ground frost. Despite
this I saw a couple of fish roll in the
night, both of which were out long,
not a million miles from the right hand
rod. I stayed up late hoping to see
other shows but nothing gave itself
away and I eventually got in the bag
about 3.30. I had a bit of a lie in the
following morning due to the late
night and didn’t get out of the bag
until about eight. I watched the water
until late morning and then slowly
packed away my kit leaving just the
rods, but by lunchtime I called it a day
as I had seen nothing, and I wanted to
avoid the rush hour traffic. I had a gas
delivery coming on the Friday morning and then I had the Five Lakes
show to work all weekend, which I
have to say I was looking forward to,
as the social is always good there.
The show did go well and as hoped
the Saturday night was a good one,
(Top) Matt Eaton with a stunning
31lb 13oz zip linear.
(Left) Dinton’s Car Park Bay swim just
as the mist had lifted.


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