freeline-20 - Page 206

I’m Converted
(Above) Playing one angry carp.
(Above right) Yes!
(Below) 38lb 13oz of Dinton mirror.
although my head told me otherwise
on the Sunday morning. Because of
this I decided not to fish the Sunday
night but to get over to the Car Park
for first light on the Monday morning.
Upon my arrival I did a couple of laps
of the lake but once again I saw nothing to go on so just as before I opted
for Trumptons. Through the morning
the wind was bitter, but as the sun
broke through it soon warmed up,
and before I knew it I was sitting in
just a T-shirt in temperatures of 12
degrees. Spring really was here at
last, or so I thought. Once again I was
wrong, as the temperature fell massively that night, and as I sat on my
bed around midnight my iPhone
showed a reading of minus six! This
country just can’t make its mind up
what it’s doing. I set my alarm for a
5.45am before getting my head down
for a few hours.
When I woke to the alarm the following morning the first thing I saw
was a fish roll over right on the long
rod spot. Five minutes later it did it
again and I was convinced I was
going to be receiving a take anytime
soon. Who was I kidding? This was


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