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I’m Converted
the Car Park and a couple of hours
later I was still sitting there waiting
for it to happen, which obviously it
didn’t. I sat watching for most of the
day but nothing showed.
Late afternoon at around 4.30, I saw
a big set of bubbles hit the surface in
front of the Curly, and as no one was
over that side of the lake I decided to
reel the Pylon rod in, attach a chod rig
and cast to it. The cast was a good
one, and the light lead dropped into
the water just behind where all the
fizzing was coming from. I did receive
a couple of liners through the night on
that rod, but I didn’t see nor hear anything, and as I woke the following
morning I had this feeling that
another blank session was coming to
an end. I packed up at 7.30 and
decided not to go to Southlake, but to
give Dinton a go, as I’d not really done
a great deal there this winter. It had
also been doing a few fish, which was
a few weeks earlier than the previous
I arrived at Dinton a little after eight
and spent a bit of time looking round.
At about ten, just as I was walking
back from looking up the lake, I
noticed that Uncle Jim was in fact
just netting a carp. I stopped to see
what he had and ended up videoing
him with a cracking 34lb 8oz common. Nice one, Uncle. I then carried
on back to the car park to collect my
kit before heading back up the lake
and dropping in the Oaks swim as I
fancied it there.
By lunchtime I had the rods sorted.
I was fishing a couple of smooth, silty
areas and a third on a clay spot so
(Top) My first Dinton fish for a couple
of years, and what a fish too…
(Below) A Dinton common of 33lb 6oz.


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