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I’m Converted
(Above) Look at the state of them!
(Bottom) Southlake’s Swim 28.
with this in mind I fished a couple of
chods in the silt and a bottom bait on
the clay. All three were on the Amber
Choc Malt and a scattering of bait
was spread around them all.
At about 1.40 a fish rolled off the far
bank opposite me, and I thought
about moving round there but soon
after a fish showed about 40yds out
bang in front of me, and that swayed
me into staying put. A further two fish
showed around 4.30 but after that
nothing more happened, and as the
night passed I had a feeling it was
going to be a quiet one.
The following morning I was up
early but saw nothing. I had Jon
Bones from Advanced meeting me to
do some stuff for them, but once he
had gone I decided to reel in and have
a look about. I didn’t see anything
anywhere else, so I stayed put for my
final night. I redid the rods mid-afternoon and then sat watching the
water for a bit. At a little after 5.30 I
had a really weird occurrence on my
middle rod. It was on one of the chod
rods, and the bobbin lifted up before
dropping back down, only to rise
again and stay there. I lifted the rod
up only to lift into nothing but thin air.
I don’t have a clue what had happened, but there was no resistance
when I lifted the rod and the rig was
perfect, so I can only put it down to a
strange liner of some kind. That was
the only action for the balance of the
session, and I didn’t see any further
shows, although I was told the following morning by someone that a big
fish had crashed out in front of me
sometime after 3am, but I had already
hit the sack by then as I wanted to be
up early.
I was just packing up in the morn-
ing when I received a call to say that
Matt Eaton had one on, and as he was
only a couple of swims down I nipped
down to do his pics for him. It was a
stunning 31lb 13oz zip linear, and I’m
sure you will agree just how good it
looks in the photo he sent me. Nice
one, mate. With the pics done I went
back to complete packing up, and
once that was done I headed off to
Simon’s house to stash my kit for the
weekend, as I was going straight from
there to help finish off setting up the
Farnborough show. It was pointless
me driving all the way home just to
drop my kit off then drive back, so
Simon kindly offered his garage space
to me. I could then work the show all
weekend then simply grab my kit
from his and head back to Dinton, as
after seeing Matt with the Linear I
really fancied one last go before my
winter ticket ran out. The only downside was that I wouldn’t get to see my
kids for a couple of weeks.
The show was once again a success and a good time was had by all.
I don’t honestly feel we were as busy
as we were the previous year, but it
was still a good weekend. Once we
were packed away on the Sunday
evening I was off to Simon’s to grab
my kit and head off to Dinton, which
was only ten minutes from his. I was
there by 8pm and I then spent the
next four hours walking the lake looking for fish. I didn’t see a thing in the
four hours, and so eventually decided
to head for the middle section of the
lake again and settled for peg 13, a
couple down towards the car park
from the Oaks, which was where I
fished last time. All three rods went
out on pop-ups, but this time all three
were on the chod rig. I literally just
cast singles out into the darkness, as I
didn’t want to start casting around
just in case there were fish in the area
and I spooked them. I sat up till about
2.30 hoping to see something, but
nothing did show and I decided to get
some sleep.
The following morning I was up at
first light, but once again I saw nothing. I left the rods where they were
until mid-afternoon when I reeled in
and had a little lead about with just a
light lead. I found a couple of nice
smooth silty spots, cast a chod out to
each of those and then found a small,
clean clay area which I changed over
from the third chod and put a snowman rig on together with just a small
PVA bag. Both the chod rods I left as
singles. The balance of the day
remained very quiet but I did see a
possible show out to my left at around
6.20. The night was also quiet though
and despite sitting up till the early
hours I saw nothing nor heard anything. Again I was up early hoping to
see some signs but as the morning
went by it was looking dead out in
front of me, so I decided to reel in and
go for a look round.
I started off by heading down


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