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I’m Converted
(Right) Second blood in the
shape of this 21lb 10oz
(Bottom) Third fish,
Teardrop, another original at
29lb 14oz.
mount it, he would have no
doubt ended up in the lake.
He did see the funny side of it
though, and we all had a
great laugh at his expense.
From then on Matt was put
on coffee until eventually at
about half ten we all called it
a day and got some much
needed sleep. I was woken
again at 2.30am by another
tench on the right hand rod,
but what I noticed was that
while sorting the tench out
there were carp showing and
rolling all over me. Surely
a no the r c a rp w a s o n the
The following morning I
was up at six, and surprisingly I felt ok. The day passed
without any action, and I had
a feeling that the fish might
have moved out of the bay after the
commotion of having the carp and
tench. Simon had very kindly given
me the nod to do the extra night as I
was on fish, but all looked quiet still.
That evening though they started
showing again, and well into the
night this continued but no bites
were forthcoming. I woke the following morning to motionless bobbins
and knew my chance of another had
passed. I packed up around
lunchtime and headed off to the Car
Park to get an overnighter in, but as I
left I was more that a little happy with
the result from Dinton. It was my last
session of the season on there, and I
felt lucky to have ended it in the way
I did.
Within the hour I was at the Car
Park, and I set about having a look
around hoping to see fish. On my
third lap of the lake I thought I saw


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