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I’m Converted
something move off the corner of the
island so dropped in there for the
night. I did hear a fish go over to my
right in the night at about 10.10pm,
but other than that it was all quiet,
and the next morning I packed up and
headed for home as I had plans for the
Friday night.
After the weekend with the kids,
Sunday night saw me heading back
to Southlake and a little before ten, I
was pushing my barrow around. I
opted for the Cave swim, which was
where I caught my last fish from, and
after having the fish the previous
week as well as the 29 the week
before from here all on chods, all three
rods went out on chods with Tutti
pop-ups and a scattering of Amber
Choc Malt.
The night passed without fish, but I
heard a couple go over out hard to my
right, so at 6.30 the next morning I
upped sticks and moved to the 28
swim, which was next door to me.
Again, all three went out on Tutti popups with a scattering of bait round
them, and as the day wore on I continued to see fish moving out in front
of me. At 6.20pm I had my first bite. It
was off the left hand rod at about
55yds range, and after a short scrap I
netted a stunning fully scaled mirror.
Although only 16lb, it was a peach of
a fish, and I’d be happy to catch them
all day long if they looked that good.
After a quick couple of pictures, I
sorted the rod out and got it back out
to the spot together with another 20
or so free offerings. The night was
pretty quiet, and I only saw one fish
show, but as daylight broke the next
morning there were fish all over me,
and several good fish showed around
my middle rod. At about 7.50 I had a
savage liner on the middle rod then a
few minutes later the bobbin pulled
up tight and the line started lifting out
of the water. On picking up the rod
the fish went mental and stripped at
least 30yds of line on its first run,
heading out towards the island opposite me. I had to give it some stick in
an attempt to slow it up and turn it,
but with steady pressure I eventually
(Top) Fourth and final fish of the
session, a cracking 22lb 14oz mirror.
(Right) A misty morning in the Chair,
home of the tench battering…


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