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I’m Converted
had the fish heading back towards
me, but this time out to my left. This
fish really didn’t like being hooked
and gave a really good account of
itself, but after a good ten minutes I
eventually had it out in front of me
and up on the surface. I waded out
with the net, and as its head poked
above the surface coughing water I
drew it over the net.
I half expected it to be bigger than
it was after experiencing the scrap it
gave me, but at 21lb 10oz I was still
happy. The fish was one of the old
originals, which was even better, and
after a few quick pictures I returned it
to its home and set about getting a
new rig tied and back out on the spot.
Once sorted I fired out a further 20 or
so freebies around the hookbait and
then settled back down to continue
watching the water.
Fish continued to show and fizz up
all over, and no more than an hour or
so after recasting I received another
take, this time on my left hand rod.
The take was similar to the previous
one, pulling up tight and then the line
rising through the water. On picking
up the rod this fish decided it wanted
to go hard right, totally opposite to
the last one. I soon had this fish under
control though, unlike the last one,
and within a couple of minutes I was
out in the water netting it. This fish
looked a better one. I unhooked it in
the net and quickly got the rod sorted
and back out, as I was sure another
bite could come at any time.
With the rod sorted, I set about getting someone over to do a few pics. I
made a quick call to Notty, and within
a few minutes his mate Barlow
arrived to photograph it for me. He
immediately recognised the fish as
one known as Teardrop, and said that
it was another of the old originals. The
fish had been as big as 37lb-plus
before, but when weighed was well
down at 29lb 14oz. It was a proper old
warrior, but had been on the decline
over the last few years. I was more
than happy though, and it was
returned fighting fit after the pics.
I was expecting more fish throughout the day, as there was fizzing going
on all over. At one point I cast to a
bloody great sheet of bubbles, and as
I was walking back to the bank with
the rod, the line started pulling
through my hands. I quickly lifted into
it, but it must have been a fish catching the line on a fin or something
because I connected with nothing.
Eventually after what seemed like
hours of the fish showing and fizzing,
everything slowed down, and by early
evening all was quiet again. I sat up
watching the water, and all seemed
dead, then all of a sudden the right
hand rod was away. It absolutely
ripped and kited right straight
through Simon’s left hand rod in the
swim next door. I quickly called out
for him not to lift into it, but he didn’t
hear me, and the next thing I was
caught up on his line with an angry
carp attached to the other end.
I don’t know how, but after a few
minutes it managed to come off his
line, and I was back in direct contact
with it. Eventually after some tense
moments I netted another pretty mirror, which when weighed went 22lb
14oz. A couple of pictures were taken
before slipping it back, and I then set
about sorting the rod yet again. No
more action came my way, and I was
packed away mid-morning the next
day and heading to the Car Park for
the balance of my week. I was more
than happy to have caught four in a
session, and furthermore all these fish
came to a Tutti pop-up fished on a
chod over the Choc Malt. My confidence on the chod rig was now sky
high, and when I arrived at the Car
Park I had it in my mind to continue
using them.
I got to the lake about 12 o’clock
and then spent the afternoon walking
the lake trying to locate the fish. In
those four hours I witnessed a couple
of possibles up in the Chair area, so I
dropped in there for the night. If I saw
anything else I could always move.
The rods were sorted, and within the
hour I had my left rod on the end of
the left hand bar and my right hand
rod straight out about 30yds. Both
rods had 50 freebies scattered around
them. Once the brolly was up I sorted
some dinner as I was starving hungry.
At 6.20 a fish fizzed up just short of
my right hand rod at about 25yds, but
this did look tenchy. As the evening
went on I kept getting a whiff of a
carpy smell, and as mad as it sounds I
was sure there were fish close by.
The night passed uneventfully
though, and I woke to a misty, chilly
morning, but through the mist I could
see loads of fizzing going on. Just as
the mist started lifting I had a tench
on my left hand rod, then ten minutes
or so later I had another off the other
rod. Both rods taken out by tench at a
prime time was not what I wanted,
but after tying up a couple of new rigs
I had them back out pretty quickly.
Late morning at about 11.20 a carp
cleared the water twice out to my left,
A stunning spring sunset in the Chair.
so I quickly reeled the right rod in and
cast a single out to it. Nothing came
of it though, and at 5.50 I had another
tench off the rod on the end of the bar.
At 9.40 I had yet another tench, and I
was starting to get pissed off with
them. I was up all through the night
with the bloody things, as I had further ones at 2.10am, 4am and then
again at 5am. During this time I did
see a carp roll three times out in front
of the Bars and a further one show in
front of the island to my right.
The tench eventually slowed up,
and at 11am I decided to reel in, give
the swim a rest and have a good look
about. After seeing nothing to make
me want to move I got the rods back
out around five and topped up the
area with a little bait. At 6.35 I saw a
fish out in front of the Dugout, but as
Marcus was in there I couldn’t look at
moving. I woke the following morning
thinking that I had got away without
any tench activity, but I spoke too
soon as just a few minutes later I had
one on my left hand rod. Then no
sooner had I had got it back out than
I had another one. Nine in a session
was a joke, and to be honest when I
packed up a couple of hours later I
was glad to get off the place. I needed
to have a rethink, as I didn’t want that


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