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Elstow 2009 Season
e rejoin Ian
this month
after catching
a 36lb 10oz
mirror… A few
days later I
was back in my favourite swim, and
three days after that I went away with
my tail between my legs as the lake
had given me a kick in the teeth. I
really had thought that I was going to
catch as a few fish had been showing
themselves when I had first arrived.
Oh well, the best-laid plans and all
that. I was unable to fish for a couple
of weeks due to quite a big landscaping job that had come my way, which
had me working down in London. It
was whilst doing this job that I
applied to join a lake in Reading that
has some bloody huge carp residing
in it. More about that in a bit…
After being away from the lake for a
couple of weeks I was itching to get
back down there. I arrived at the lake
on a Tuesday morning for a three-day
session; the wind was a rather nice
southwesterly, which was putting a
fair ripple on the water. There was
only one other angler on the pit and
he was in the Reedy swim. After a little chat I went for a walk around the
lake and ended up sitting on the high
bank above my favourite swim. After
an hour or so my mind had been
made up for me as I had seen over a
dozen carp show themselves in front
of one of the swims on the opposite
I soon had all my gear round to the
swim, which I’m going to call the Little Testicle, and it was whilst stood
there that I realised that I hadn’t
fished the swim before. I knew that
there was a bar straight out in front of
the swim at about 80-85yds, but the
carp that I had seen earlier had been
a bit further to the left. The marker
float rod came out and was cast
towards where the carp had crashed,
probably landing about twenty yards
further on. I let the float up where it
landed and found the water to be over
20ft deep. I kept pulling the marker
back until I started to feel it coming
up on some kind of feature. I then let
the float up and found that the depth
had come up to 16ft.
I got my other marker rod out and
cast that a couple of metres to the
right of the other float. After a few
more casts with the marker I settled
for a spot on the feature that was 14ft
deep at about 60-65yds. It wasn’t
totally clear of weed but I thought
that as long as I kept my baited rigs a
tad away from the first marker float
then they should be fishing and presented okay. After winding the second marker float in I got the rods
sorted out and sent all three of them
out to the area. I didn’t muck around
with the spodding and put a full
bucket of my concoction over the
spot. Some may question the logic in
31lb 14oz – off to a good start on my next session to the lake.


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