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Elstow 2009 Season
ting bigger with the passing of time;
it was like a bloody tarmac road had
appeared on the surface of the lake,
stretching from where I was fishing
down to the bankside margins at the
other end of the lake. It took a while
before the run came, and just after
11am the left hand rod was sounding
out its tune. I got over to the rod,
picked it up and then battle commenced. In the name of the wee man,
where the hell do the carp in this lake
get their power? It had gone off as if
someone had fired a torpedo from a
submarine. The line was coming off a
fairly tight clutch at a fair old rate, and
with a steady wind the line was
singing away, and I was chuckling to
myself (there’s only one Elstow). It
was a terrific scrap, and even after
getting the fish in the margins it tried
it’s hardest to evade being landed.
Everything held firm though, and it
wasn’t too much longer before quite a
long carp was in the waiting net. I got
the required bits sorted out, and once
in the sling and on the scales, they
spun very nicely round to 30lb 14oz. I
took a few shots before slipping it
The way the area had been slicking
up, I was pretty confident that I would
get another chance. Instead, as I
watched the lake I could see a fair
amount of carp head and shouldering
going away from my area, heading up
to the other end of the lake. A little
while later I made a phone call to a
mate and explained what was happening. We both thought similarly,
and that was I either moved, or stayed
put hoping that the fish would come
back. I got a visit from one of the
other lads from the other rota and told
him what I had caught, that the carp
had moved from the area I was fishing, and that quite a few carp had
been showing in front of my favourite
39lb 5oz – one bloody big carp that fought so hard.
swim. I also said to him if I had been
turning up now then that’s where I
would have been going. We said
goodbye and good luck to each other,
and I was once again sat there on my
own. The rods were wound in at
about 4pm and fresh baits put on. I
then spodded out the remaining bait
that I had with me, and all I could do
was sit and watch as the carp kept on
showing in front of and around the
area in front of my favourite swim.
The doubts were slowly creeping in,
so at roughly midnight I got my head
At 2am I was woken by a weird
take on my middle rod. As I walked
over to the rod the run stopped, but as
I stood there it started again then
stopped. I thought that maybe a
tench was the culprit, so I wound
down, but was pleasantly surprised
by the bend in the rod. It didn’t take
that long to get the carp into the net,


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