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Elstow 2009 Season
before the new season started at
Wellington Country Park. I had been
down there just for a walk around
quite a few times, and after having a
chat with a few of the lads fishing it
soon became apparent that there is
an incredible head of really big carp
swimming about in its depths. I was
really looking forward to giving it a
go, and it wouldn’t be too much
longer before I would be down there
wetting a line.
The weekend couldn’t pass quickly
enough; I was itching to get back
down to my local water. I had been
thinking about the way the carp had
been behaving when I was last at the
lake, and it seemed to me that they
had been searching for something.
Maybe they had already found it and I
was a tad slow to pick up on it. Monday morning arrived and I was soon
making the short journey to the lake,
36lb 12oz – I had two in the nets.
and when I got there I sat on Steve’s
bench (which is situated in the car
park). It gives a fantastic view looking
straight up the lake. After an hour I
had the barrow loaded and was making my way to the swim next to my
favourite. Whilst I had been sat on the
bench I had observed half a dozen
carp head and shouldering close to
where I would be fishing for the next
few days. After arriving at the swim I
got the marker float rod out, which
was still clipped up, so it was just a
case of repeating the same process as
before – cast to the clip, point the tip
at the area and pull the braid by hand
until it had just started to come
through the cousin Colin weed. I
believe it to be a type of milfoil weed
but a hell of a lot thicker, and it also
has pea muscles festooned in it. The
carp in this lake love spending time
within the safety of its confines.
The area that was clear of weed
was probably around 18ins to 2ft
wide, and this was why I had opted
for the above approach when markering up. When pulling through the
weed normally the rod tip would be
quite compressed, and as the float
and lead came through the weed it
would just scoot straight over the
clear area into the next bed of the
cousin Colin weed. After popping the
float to the surface, I set about getting
some rigs sorted out and having a
cast around with them to see just
how much room I had either side of
the marker float. I could have put
three rods to the left of the marker but
they would have been extremely
close together (too bloody close).
Instead I decided to put two rods to
the left hand side and one just to the
right hand side of the marker. I got the
rods clipped up and marked the lines


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