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Is Spring Finally Arriving?
e l l t h e r e ’s a
definite feel of
spring in the
air at last, and
as I write this
month’s diary
it’s the last day of February. I’m sat
under the Profile on the banks of
Southlake, and for once it’s looking
good out there. I received a call a few
hours ago informing me that the
Charity Lakes’ biggie has just been
out at a big weight of 51lb, so it definitely looks like the fish are now properly waking up. I need to firstly apologise to you because at the beginning
of my last diary I said I was going to
let you know what my intentions
were for the coming year and what I
intended to target, but I somehow forgot to put it in. With that in mind I’ll
make sure it goes into this month’s
Once again I have no captures from
friends this month, as the fishing over
the last few weeks has continued to
be rather slow so it’s on with what
I’ve been up to. When I left you last I
was setting up at the Brentwood
show ready for the weekend. Well the
show was a big success, and I
couldn’t believe how busy both days
were. It was probably helped by the
lousy weather, but nevertheless I’m
sure all the companies there were
more than happy with how the weekend went. I caught up with a few people that I hadn’t seen for a while as
well as having a good social on the
Saturday night with all the guys from
Nash. By the time we had finished
packing away the stand it was a little
late to think about going fishing that
night, so I had a rare Sunday night at
The following morning though, I
was raring to go again, and after the
rush hour traffic had died down I
loaded the van and headed to the
Southlake. On arriving there I was
greeted by a frozen lake once again; I
hadn’t realised just how cold it had
got overnight. With Southlake solid I
headed over to the Car Park to have a
look there and see what the situation
was, but in the back of my mind I
knew what I would be facing. As
expected, as I looked out from the
Gate swim I was greeted with
another frozen lake – not good. I then
thought about Dinton, and as it was a
fair bit larger than the Car Park and it
tended to get the wind on it, I hoped
that would be only partly frozen, if at
all. Once again my luck was out as on
walking round the lake It was clear to
see that it too was solid.
With all three waters frozen over I
was left with no other option other
than head back home, but before I did
I phoned my friend Neil who lives
locally and arranged to meet him for a
chat and something to eat in a nearby
pub. Neil was in the same situation as
me; he was also gagging to get the
rods out but couldn’t. After a couple
of drinks and some grub with Neil I
headed back home to have a think
about what I was going to do. The
weather forecast was looking better
towards the tail end of the week with
it warming up from Wednesday, so my
worst case was that I would have to
wait until then.
While I was driving home I got a
call from Dave from Lenwade (Charity
Lakes). During the conversation he
mentioned that only part of the lake
was frozen, and why didn’t I come up
to his and have a couple of days on
there? I had owned a ticket for the
lake for a while but had never gone to
have a look, as I always had other
lakes on the go, but with everywhere
else capped it was worth a trip up
there, even if only to have a look
round and get an idea of what it was
like. I agreed with Dave to come up in
the morning; I would meet him at his
house and he would go over with me
and give me a guided tour. All my kit
was ready to go so, on arriving back
home, I chilled out for the evening and
(Top) Mike Hall at Brentwood
running through the new Sirens.
(Left) A frosty morning in the Dugout


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