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Is Spring Finally Arriving?
then in the early hours of the following morning I headed Norfolk bound.
On arriving at Dave’s house at a little before nine that morning I was
greeted by him, and when I walked in
I was then informed by his lovely wife
that breakfast would be just a few
minutes – what a great way to start
the day. After a huge full English complete with chips and several mugs of
coffee we headed off to the lake for a
look. We spent a couple of hours
walking round the seven-plus acres,
after which Dave left me to it. I stayed
on over there for the balance of the
day but didn’t see any signs of activity, and as the daylight started to fade
I decided not to fish but to head back
to the Car Park Lake and wait for it to
hopefully thaw the following morning.
I’m not going to go into great detail
about the place, as I’ll do that in more
depth when I start fishing it properly,
but I will say that it a lovely place,
nice and quiet, and I know I’ll be giving it a proper go at some point this
year. On my return to the Car Park
some three and a half hours later I
was pleasantly surprised to see that a
large portion of the lake had thawed,
and so with this in mind I did a quick
lap before deciding to drop into the
Dugout. I tried to get the rods out, but
I was wasting my time as whenever I
did manage to get one out well, a
large raft of ice would drift in and
wipe said rod out. In the end I gave
up, packed away, and went up the
pub for something to eat before
crashing at a mate’s who lived locally.
I returned the following morning to
see if conditions had improved. They
had, and as the time passed the
weather did as predicted and warmed
up. By late morning I was able to get
the rods out in the Dugout with ease,
two out on pop-up rigs and one out
on a snowman complete with a small
PVA bag. The two pop-up rods had
just a pouchful of free offerings fired
around them. As the day passed the
air temperature crept up, and as
evening fell it was nine degrees, and
together with a little light rain, conditions were good. The first 24 hours
passed without so much as a liner or
show, but as the wind started to pick
up on the Thursday afternoon then a
few tench started to roll out at dis(Top) Looking out from the Dugout.
(Right) Fishing close in in the Island
swim meant staying well back from
the water.
tance towards the Islands water. I
stayed put for another night in the
Dugout, but when I woke the following morning with nothing but a
decent night’s kip to my name, I
decided that a move was needed for
my last night.
I left it till late morning, then reeled
in and went for a walk round the lake.
There were only two other anglers on
the lake: Marcus who was in the Curly
and Mark who was in the Bars. They
had both been seeing tench rolling
out in front of them, and Marcus had
caught a couple. I decided to go in the
Island swim, fish just two rods and
put them both short. My thinking
behind this was that just maybe the
carp were close in, on the back of the
wind, as it felt so much warmer on
this side of the lake. Other than a few
tench rolling and a liner in the early
hours no action occurred and at nine
o’clock on the Saturday morning I
packed up and headed for home.
Sunday night, after the weekend
with the kids, I was back on the road
and heading back to Southlake. On
my arrival I had a walk round the lake
and met up with Simon who was
doing a couple of days. He had seen a
couple of fish roll just on dark on the
end of the southwesterly wind that
was blowing, and he also informed


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