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Is Spring Finally Arriving?
sound. Once again, if I hadn’t had
been watching the water I would
have known nothing about it. These
fish were being very clever at the
moment, and it just goes to show how
important it is to keep your eyes
peeled, as there was no way in earth
that I would have known about either
of the shows if I hadn’t been sitting
there watching.
I did hear a further show at a few
minutes after midnight out to my
right in the Beech water, but by the
time I got out from under the Profile to
have a better look, all I saw was a
decent set of rings. Once again it was
most definitely a carp that had
caused them, as they were far too big
to have been made by anything else.
The following morning at about
nine I was once again homeward
bound, but as I was driving home I felt
that there had been plenty of activity
over the three days that I had been
there, and that I had been in the right
“zone” as it were. Before I had left I
had put a couple of hundred baits
through the crusher and then spodded them out over all three spots hoping that the fish, especially the Dustbin, would get on the areas. I couldn’t
wait to get back.
Now comes a really sad bit for me.
I was sat at home on the Sunday
lunchtime doing stuff with the kids
when I received a call from Martyn.
As I answered the phone I was
expecting to hear that one of the four
originals had been caught, but what
he had to say was far from it. Sadly, at
12.34 the Dustbin had been found
dead up in between the Chair and the
End Works swims, and when he told
me this I literally went cold and the
hairs on the back of my neck stood
up. Apparently the fish looked in good
condition and had not been dead too
long, maybe a week at the most, but
as the water was so cold it was hard
to say for sure. The cold water could,
after all, have preserved the fish, but
we will never know. I was totally gutted, as the Dustbin was the main reason for me joining the Car Park Lake.
My immediate reaction was, well,
that’s it, I’m off there now, but that
was purely down to my emotions at
the time. After a couple of hours I had
(Left) After a move round to
(Below) R.I.P the Dustbin.
was good to see. After all, it was no
more than 10yds off my bait. I sat up
until just after two that night and didn’t see any further shows, but as I got
into my bag I still felt that there was a
good chance of a bite.
There was very little going on the
following morning other than a couple of tench rolling out in front of the
Curly, but then you often saw them
over there. I think it was where they
had wintered up. Late afternoon
though, there were a couple of shows;
the first one was at 4.28pm. I was sitting looking out just as I normally do
when a fish very gently rolled out at
about 20yds, just left of the pylon. It
was definitely a carp, but was very
stealthy in its show. It made no noise
whatsoever, and if I hadn’t been looking directly at the area at the time
then I wouldn’t have known anything
about it.
The other show was at 7.21pm.
Again it was out in line with the pylon
area, but this time it was longer, about
40yds. I could see out in the darkness
as a fish head and shouldered coming
half out of the water before quietly
slipping back in without making a


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