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Is Spring Finally Arriving?
cleared my head and there was no
way I was pulling off of the place; I
loved it over there, and I dearly
wanted to catch at least one of the
originals and there were still three of
them to go for. The Dustbin was
buried in between the End Works and
the Dugout by the guys who were
fishing that weekend, and it was yet
again another sad day for the Car
Park. That fish had made so many
people happy over the years either by
catching it themselves or even just
being there to witness someone else
catch it, but it will be greatly missed.
R.I.P the Dustbin…
The death it the Dustbin was soon
on the Internet on a few forums, and
with that all the same old armchair
anglers started getting on there slagging off Cemex and saying that this
needs to change and that needs to
change, and it’s now a rip-off to
charge what they are charging. I have
to say that this gets right on my tits!
Most of these people have never even
seen the lake or wouldn’t know what
one of the resident fish looked like if
they saw it in a magazine, so what
right have they got to start moaning
about a place they don’t even have a
ticket for? One guy who commented
on the thread knew bugger all about
the place and even admitted to not
having been fishing for the last five
years, so why even put something up
on there in the first place?
Let me just say this: if you were
offered a ticket for a nine-acre lake
that held a possible 50lb mirror, two
40lb mirrors, one of which is a mid to
upper-40 at the right time of year, an
upper-30 common, as well as a further
few 30lb backup commons and then a
back-up stock of eleven mirrors to
upper-20’s as well as a good few 20lbplus commons, all for £550, I’m bloody
certain that most out there, if you
could afford it, would snap it up.
There are too many narrow minded
people out there who just want to sit
behind a computer and moan about
everything that goes on. Stop all your
moaning and get off your arses and do
some fishing – you never know, it
might even make you a little happier.
Rant over!
Right, back to the fishing. Sunday
night saw me back over on the Woodley Southlake, but if I’m honest my
heart wasn’t really in it, and I fished
like a twat. What made it worse was
that I got absolutely punished by a
certain shall we say “eccentric” lady
who is always at the lake. She walked
into my swim, picked up my water
bottle, then proceeded to tell me there
was plenty in there for a coffee and
then got her own cup out from a
backpack she was carrying and
insisted I make her one. I had never
experienced her company before, and
foolishly made her a drink. This
resulted in her jawing the arse off me
for the next two hours about a load of
nonsense. That’s the last time I make
her a drink that’s for sure.
I was eventually saved from her
madness when Notty came round to
see me, and she left us to it. For those
of you who know Notty, he comes
across as just a normal guy compared
to this lady, that’s how bad she is.
Notty stayed for an hour or so before
he too left me to it, and once I had
cooked my grub and eaten that I sat
watching the water once again, and
peace and tranquillity resumed. I didn’t see a thing during that session,
but as I said before, my heart wasn’t
really in it and I couldn’t wait to get
over to the Car Park. I packed up at
nine, and by ten I was pulling into the
The first thing I did was to go and
have a look at the Dustbin’s grave and
pay my respects. I know it’s only a
carp, but I just felt I wanted to do it. I
then spent most of the day walking
the lake looking for signs of fish. The
wind was blowing a southeasterly
(Top) The first thing I did was to go
see the grave and pay my respects.
(Left) I opted for the Snags on the end
of a warm wind.


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