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Is Spring Finally Arriving?
and the Chair looked good. I also liked
the look of Trumptons, as it was on
the back of the wind, which felt
warmer. Eventually I opted to start off
in the Snags as the wind was blowing
i n t o B r u t e ’s C o r n e r a n d I k e p t
smelling a carpy smell in the area. I
know it’s a weird thing to say but it
was definitely a smell like something
was about.
I only fished two rods in the swim
as it’s pretty tight in there, and I didn’t
really want lines everywhere. I put my
left hand rod out on the corner of the
island and then my right hand rod
went out on the spot that I took the
common off back in mid-October.
Surprisingly the spot was really clean,
almost as if it had recently been fed
on. I fished both rods on cork ball
Choc Malt pop-ups with a scattering
of broken bait around each one, as
well as a few crumbed baits. The first
24 hours were quiet, but the following
night at 9.46 a decent fish rolled off
the island just at the back of where
(Top) Marcus with his second Car
Park fish of the winter, a 26lb 4oz
(Right) Just as he was returning the
fish, the moon popped out!
my bait was. A few minutes later it
did it again, and with it came that
carpy smell again. I also noticed a fish
show out long in Trumptons water
some 20 minutes later, but being so
far out and it also being dark I
couldn’t see what it was. I sat up late
that night watching the water, but
didn’t see or hear any further signs of
I was just thinking of going to bed,
as it was almost three in the morning,
when suddenly my phone rang. It was
Marcus; he was fishing just down
from me and he phoned to say that he
had one in the net and could I give
him a hand to photograph and weigh
it. I nipped down there to assist and
photographed a cracking little stock
fish that weighed in at 26lb 4oz. That
was his second fish of the winter now
from that swim, and he was over the
moon with how things were going.
I’m sure it’s only a matter of time
before he catches one of the big’uns,
and when he does it will be well


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