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Is Spring Finally Arriving?
but soon realised that it was in fact
one of Johns Nevilles that was making the noise, and on peering round
from the brolly my suspicions were
confirmed – John was out on the front
of the swim playing a fish. I called out
to see if he needed a hand, and after
he said yes, please I went to assist.
After a few tense minutes, which
included moments of the fish trying to
get round to his right margin, the carp
was ready to net and I slipped the net
under a cracking little mirror.
After weighing the fish at 25lb 6oz
a few quick pictures were taken
before it was returned. Quite rightly
John was over the moon, and I left
him to get the rod back out, but with
a couple of fish coming out in the
space of 48 hours it was looking as
things on the lake were waking up
and it wouldn’t be long before one of
the big fish would make a visit to the
bank. I had to pack up that night
though, as I remembered that I had
done my three nights, but when I
went to sleep that night at home my
(Top) Casting the chod rig out
towards the middle of the lake.
(Below) It has been a long time
coming, but at last my first carp of
2011, a cracking 29lb 12oz mirror.
head was full of good thoughts.
Due to the school holidays and me
spending a few extra days with my
children, it was late Tuesday afternoon before I could get the rods back
out. I had decided not to go the
Southlake but to go straight to the Car
Park. On route to the lake I met Jon
Mac to drop something off to him. We
actually met up where we used to
park up when going over to the Mere,
and it felt quite strange being back
there. Jon had a picture of himself
with the Black Mirror in his van, and
on looking at the picture it brought
back memories of just how sad that
day over there was. Jon’s memories
were ones of great joy, yet mine were
much darker. It just reminds me that
nothing lives forever, and I’m more
determined than ever now to catch
one of the Car Park biggies.
After a brief chat with him I continued to the lake and at a little after
3pm I pulled through the gates. I did
my usual trip round before deciding
to go back in Trumptons as I had seen
nothing to go on, and most of the previous shows had been out in the main
body of the lake. By 6pm I had the
rods out perfectly, the remainder of
the kit sorted, and it was time to chill.
I have to admit to getting an early
night that night as I was worn out
from having the kids for the last four
days, and at around 11pm I got my
head down.
I was up early the following morning though and felt so much better for
a decent night’s sleep. The weather
was perfect as the sun came up; a bit
of broken cloud, warm southwesterly
winds, and an air temperature of 11
degrees. I really felt confident that
something would give something


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