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Is Spring Finally Arriving?
away about its whereabouts, but as
the day went by it started to look as
though nothing was going to show.
That was until 3.48 that afternoon
when at long range, a couple of rod
lengths to the left of my right hand
rod, the Baby Orange came out right
up to the wrist of its tail before bellyflopping back into the water. It was
definitely that fish, as the Big Orange
is a totally different shape and there is
nothing else in the lake other than
Arfur of that sort of size. I expected it
to show again soon after, but it didn’t,
and that was that. I sat there on the
edge of my bed waiting for the alarm
to burst into life, but nothing came of
it and an hour or so later I had to
accept that it wasn’t going to happen.
Nothing more showed that evening,
and as I got into the bag at around
2am for a few hours’ sleep, I had a
feeling that a good sleep would be all
I would be having. I wasn’t wrong.
The following morning I woke to
bright sky, a lighter wind, and even
warmer temperature than the previous day. It had a real spring feel to the
air, and as the day progressed, the
temperature rose to about 14 degrees
at one point. Still the fish wouldn’t
play the game though, and it wasn’t
until just on dark that the first show of
the day came. Once again it was at
range out in the open water, but this
time more in the Curly’s water where
M a r c u s w a s f i s h i n g. T h e r e w a s
another show in the early hours,
about 1.15am, which I didn’t see, but I
heard it go over and the spooking of
the birds confirmed this. Other than
this show nothing else happened, and
as I packed away the following morning I felt that surely soon I was going
to be having my first Car Park bite of
the year. I had to be away a day early,
as I was going out that night and I
also had other plans for early Saturday
morning, but I couldn’t wait to get
back again.
It’s now 2.40am on the first of
March as I sit here writing this, and
about an hour ago I had my first fish
of the year in the shape of a 29lb 12oz
mirror from Southlake. I’ll not go into
too much detail now, as I’ll cover it
properly next month in my diary as I
was just about to end it here, but I’ve
included a picture, and as you can see
it’s a cracking looking fish.
Well that’s about it again for this
month, but as promised, I did say I
would let you know what my plans
are for the coming year. Well, I intend
to continue on both Southlake and
the Car Park up to when they close at
the end of March, and then I’ll be concentrating back over at Football Lake
for the months of April and May. Once
June arrives I’ll be doing three days a
week on the Car Park and the balance
of my week over on the Road Lake. I
have purchased a Cemex gold card
this year, so if all goes well on my target waters then I have a few other
interesting waters at my disposal. I
have also had a Lenwade Charity
Lake ticket for a while now, and I’ll
hopefully be having a go over there at
some point. So, that really is it from
me for this month now. Let’s hope I
have some more captures to tell you
about next month.
Till next time… n
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