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Made In England
Not to be outdone, me with a 33lb mirror the same night.
brisk south westerly, and pretty soon
I’d despatched all three baits to some
likely looking spots. Reg, as always,
took his time, but he’d barely cast out
his third rod when I had a shout from
him – he was in already! The water
was gin clear, and pretty soon I could
see a good mirror twisting and turning ten yards away from the net. Soon
it was slipping over the net cord and
my jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw
what was in the net.
‘Bloody hell boy!’ I said. ‘I think
you’ve just caught one of the best
looking carp you’ll ever catch!’
Reg did a double take at me, and
then looked over my shoulder upon a
stunning zip linear of very handsome
proportions. Once out and on the mat
we were stunned. It was immaculate,
all golds and browns and when the
scales went round to 31lb we just
shook our heads in disbelief. Bloody
hell, what had we found here? A few
hours later, whilst sitting in my swim
after a fine spag bol, Reg had another
take and I was soon netting a chunky
23lb mirror for him. Hmm, time to try
harder, I thought. Both his fish had
come to the same rod, a single pop-up
cast about 50 yards to a nice gravel
bar. Fortunately, that same bar ran in
front of me, so I despatched a bottom
Grange bait the same distance before
Reg had even cast back out – well,
you’ve gotta take your chances,
haven’t you?
For the next three hours I was mercilessly assaulted by Reg, who was
telling me that the bait was no good,
the rig was no good, I was no good,
and I had to use all my guile to remain
standing under such a verbal battering.
Then Serendipity decided I’d taken
enough punishment, and the recast
bait was picked up and was away.
After about ten minutes Reg had the
culprit in the net, and as I turned to
get the unhooking mat, he said,
‘Bloody hell, Jenks. I think you’ve
done me!’
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