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Made In England
A scaly 30lb lovely.
Chronicles Special Editions that were
given only to the contributors. As well
as the books, there is a trip to Ashmead; a signed copy of Julian Cundiff’s book with ten original artworks
from it; a chance to watch Tight Lines
being filmed, and a wonderful artwork
by John Grant of Jack, the Parrot and
the Lady from Horton. I did a bit of
Not enough water at Joe’s at the moment!
research on that last one and realised
that only Laney, me and Del Smith
actually caught all three whilst they
were in Horton, so we’ll sign the artwork to that affect. I’m sure there’ll be
a couple of other items on there by
n o w s o h a v e a l o o k ; i t ’s f o r a n
extremely good cause and one that
deserves to be promoted. The website
There is a fantastic selection of
carp captures to choose from at the
moment, and so here are a few of
them. I’m going to start off with some
incredible commons, all of them
absolutely to die for. Firstly there’s
Gary Leak with an Essex common of
42lb, a clonking great thing that
would grace anyone’s landing net.
That’s followed by Luke Myers from
Sussex with a 47lb beast that is truly
just that – a beast. One of the best
looking specimens has to be the 45lb
beauty that Martin Poland caught
from CEMEX’s Abbott Lake, and the
fact that it was a lake record and personal best was just the cherry on the
cake, I would think. But top of the
commons this month has to go to
Greg Alexander with an absolutely
incredible fish of 47lb from the
remarkable Milton Abbas syndicate. I
met a few of the guys at the Stoney’s
bash, including boss Wayne Little –
my, my, he likes a bit of Elvis! You’d
have to let him off that, though, seeing as he’s producing some of the
best looking fish in England at the
moment. The guys at Cottington
Lakes in Kent might have something


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